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Nuzzel: quickly browse friends headlines social reader

if you want to know what your friends share on social networks, you need a social news reader. There are a lot of such services, and Nuzzel is the recent emergence of a new social news site.

Nuzzel founder Jonathan Abrams. He was the founder of a number of start-up companies, such as active service Socializr and social bookmarking service Hotlinks, and the most famous is Friendster.

Abrams said that compared with other social news services, Nuzzel faster, easier to use, more social. On the Nuzzel site, when you create an account, you can associate the account to Twitter or Facebook. If related to Twitter, then in a few seconds, you can see a page, which shows the share of your attention of the news, their comments, and related news from Reddit, Hacker News and Techmeme website.

Nuzzel interface is simple and intuitive, can help you quickly browse a lot of news, know what friends to share the news, as well as their comments on the news. Sort of news can be based on the number of friends to share the news, you can also according to the time.

The practice of

Nuzzel is very different from other news reading applications in the near future. For example, an application called Prismatic not only to the user to display the content from the Twitter, but also try to understand the user’s interest. While Nuzzel faithfully presents the original content from Twitter and Facebook.

Nuzzel solves this problem: when you focus on more and more people on Twitter or Facebook, you will receive more and more news, such as the number of news and even more than RSS. However, since you will not always open Twitter and Facebook, you may miss some of the interesting content.

Abrams questioned the practice of providing content based on user interest, so Nuzzel will only display the content based on social signals. In addition to the contents of the friends to share, Nuzzel can also display the contents of a friend’s friends to share. You can also browse other users’ Nuzzel information flow.


Nuzzel mobile version

in addition to the ordinary site, Nuzzel also provides a mobile web site, and users can choose to charge the Daily >

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