Ali, are you playing with me

half a month ago, received a message from Ali mother, open a look, very excited, my station was Ali mother three packs, the price is $60.9 per week.

during this period, I don’t have to make any adjustments or changes in advertising, nor on any website editor, have always been safe overflow, occasionally landing mom in the background, has a normal income.

until today, landing its own mailbox, and receive mail from the Ali Mama, open look, really be startled at my mom, three package was cancelled before income was recovered, they told me, sorry……

not even a reason, the package is you, you do not pack, but also the original money confiscated, you regret it?




finally want to say a few words, grassroots webmaster earn money is not easy, mom by small owners to spread this road, will start killing us after the success of

?I stood in the three

package during the flow does not have what change, advertising a little did not move, all the data are the same and three packets before, now you say will seal up? You said lift lift? Their money back, white in my advertising, you regret?

Ali Mama, you let me down……

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