Discussion on the relationship between Google Adwords landing page and quality score

Google Adwords, the quality score is a very important concept, there are many factors will affect the quality score. Today to share with you the impact of the landing page landing page on the quality score.

1 some people think that the landing page bounce rate will affect the quality of the advertising score. Out of the high quality of the low. At first glance, it seems quite correct, but it is a fallacy. The reason is very simple, your landing page bounce rate Google how can know? Users click on Google search results page, Google advertising, and then there is a link to adjust to your web page, all Google code is finished, the user enters the is your website code. So, Google simply can not get the user on the landing page jump out rate. Therefore, the jump rate does not affect the quality score. But a good landing page can improve the efficiency of advertising, the site is also very important.

2.Landing page loading speed will affect the quality of advertising. Or that problem, Google is how to know the loading speed of your web page, of course, certainly not in the user clicks by monitoring the user’s browser to get the loading time. Google has its own reptiles, reptiles crawling on the web page, Google will know your page loading speed. There is information about the loading speed of your site in the Google administrator tool, which is sufficient to prove that Google can know the loading speed of your web page. Therefore, the loading speed of landing page will affect the quality score, the faster the loading speed.

3 advertising language and landing page of the correlation, will affect the quality of advertising scores. This concept is more vague, what kind of advertising will be more relevant to the landing page? Google must have a lot of judgments related to the algorithm in the constant determination. There is a better way is to use SEO to optimize landing page. The title of advertising language is equivalent to the title of the page, the content of advertising language is equivalent to the description. In this way, SEO in the optimization of key words, such as keyword repetition, keyword density, keyword distribution, keyword variants can be used in the optimization of landing page. Believe that, for the point of understanding SEO, this is not difficult. Here is a train of thought, Google in natural rankings and Adwords, used to determine the relevance of the algorithm is bound to only one set, is universal.

finally tip is that Google will not always be on the quality of the page to assess, but there is a lag, the lag period may be about a month or so. Therefore, after the modification of the landing page, you need to wait for a certain amount of time, in order to see the quality of the change. In this paper, the word intelligent learning system www.znjy>

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