Zhang Benwei T people how to earn five million

talk about this topic, because of the recent price surge again, a lot of young people in real estate, a set of 150 meters of the house, a good position to 5 million, but 5 million? IT for most people, it seems so far away, so I think this topic or write more affordable, share around see the IT is how to achieve 5 million revenue.

first look at reality:

if you are a working 3 years technical personnel, 25 year old, 3 years before work, don’t think of saving money, certainly is the moonlight. Fourth years begin to save money, the basic income curve is:

25 years old -26 years old -28 years old -29 years old -31 years old -32 years old -33 years old -35 years old -36 years old -37 years old -38 years old -39 years old -40 years old -27

-34 -30

60 thousand +8 million +10 million savings +12 million +15 million +18 million +25 million +30 million +35 million +40 million +45 million +50 million +55 million +60 million +65 million +70 million =544 million

40 years old, terror, and look at the income curve, I am afraid most of the technical staff did not increase revenue.

what do you do? This is the ultimate fate of a IT

implementation method 1: turn big customer sales

why is a major customer sales, because today’s China, is still a typical relationship marketing society, that big customers, how to make money quickly?

sales of large customers, the average base salary is 5000, basic enough to live, so, there are 3 ways to make money: 1, by the sales commission of 2, by the customer with a commission of 3, with the Commission of suppliers.

for example, you do a 10 million project, gross margin was 2 million, then you can get the Commission of the gross profit of 10%=20 million, to the customer service costs about 30%=60 million in gross profit, we are convenient, usually service fee will be returned to you 200 thousand. And the rest of the 8 million cost, if the supplier agents and 5% of the profits, there are 400 thousand of the profits, in order to encourage you to continue to help, will usually give you 100 thousand.

so, a list of 10 million, you can get 20+20+10=50 million cumulative. Of course, if the supply agent is your own company, then you can get a cumulative list of 20+20+40=80 million.

a large customer sales of cattle B, a year can usually do 30 million orders, that is, income can be up to 1 million 500 thousand -240 million, so basically achieve the goal of 3 years.

sounds very tempting, but the actual difficulty is not small, today there are more than N sales of such operations, because they already have a few million in cash, so it is said that engage in the customer, the shot >

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