Venture company Taobao PO alleged illegal sale

limited liability company to the 1191 public fund-raising, start-up companies selling shares on the original Taobao alleged illegal, the company responded that can not be said that there is no risk, but also look at the policy identified

reporter Zhang Guodong

Taobao in addition to selling things, but also sell what?

now, the United States and Beijing micro media company (hereinafter referred to as "beauty") will be Taobao’s function: carry forward its sales of products turned out to be their own company’s original stock, that anyone who spent 120 yuan to buy 100 shares, became the company’s shareholders.


Zhu Jiang (former head of channel member beauty founder, holds a 60% stake in the company) said in its modest yesterday, as of February 3rd at 12:00 cut a total of 1191 members to buy the micro subscription equity, a total of 680 thousand shares, the total amount of RMB 816 thousand, plus after a private network actual subscription amount of 387 thousand and 700. A total of two times to raise funds 1 million 203 thousand and 700 yuan.

in the industry view, the United States and the United States of the new financing model can not afford to test the laws and regulations. A person familiar with the regulations of the domestic securities industry experts yesterday to accept the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview with reporters, if beauty is a "limited liability company", the current legal provisions of shareholders can not exceed 50 people, more than there will be a problem; if it is "Limited by Share Ltd", is a violation of the "Securities Law" limited public offering, the company raised more than 200 people, if not approved, is suspected of violating the law. In addition, through the use of a public offering of, is also a flawed.

in this regard, the United States yesterday micro media member center responsible person admitted to reporters: "now we can not say that there is no risk, can only say that the risk will be reduced to a minimum, this approach will ultimately be avoid, but also the policies identified."

Taobao shares on sale

recently, the United States and micro business in Taobao caused widespread concern.

the name of the store is the United States micro membership card online outlets, sales of products, the United States micro media certificate registration membership card". According to the person in charge of the company’s introduction Zhu Jiang, from the shop to buy a membership card is to buy the company’s original stock. Unit certificate of 1.20 yuan, the minimum subscription of 100 units. That requires only 120 yuan under a single, you can become the original holders of the shares of the United States and slightly more than 100 shares.

reporter learned that the United States was established in June last year, is still in the preparatory stage and the nature of the company as a limited liability company, and then to the direction of the joint-stock company.

According to the

shop page introduction, the company launched the original intention is to establish cross media marketing platform for TV, magazines and network, the overall goal of the company is the commercial television network marketing promotion, through the mobile phone, PAD and other mobile clients quickly and clearly push companies to provide.

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