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CSDN and "programmer" founder Jiang Tao (Sina Korea Lianwei / photo)

        Sina Francisco October 19th morning news, CSDN and "programmer" magazine founder Jiang Tao said today in the mobile Internet Developers Conference, App to profit is moving in four directions, namely vertical and hardware enterprises, and the civilian

developers, the biggest pain point is profit this year, overseas developers have 12% revenues of more than $50 thousand, but 59% of them make ends meet, only 1% of people can achieve greater success." Jiang Tao believes that vertical, hardware, business and peaceful people tend to be ignored by mobile developers several trends.

following is the main content of Jiang Tao share:

is facing the challenge of the first vertical, this is our own data, CSDN monthly independent access to the user is 17 million 700 thousand, we ranked in China’s top thirtieth. However, our mobile phone data is less than one million, which is the challenge we face on the vertical website. Global Internet traffic, 12% from mobile phone users, micro-blog, WeChat,, one hundred percent. This is a new market, this market is a huge blow to the PC desktop, which is a statistical data. From 2008 to the present, the entire PC access to the Internet traffic decreased by 20%, which is an era of change.

people to use the mobile phone online, it will bring what kind of opportunity? This is the portable electronic products, and have a strong ability, and very small screen, let you focus on what they need, how it is used, and the original scenarios are not the same, it is very attractive the segments of the population, like women, the elderly, doctors, patients, and a large number of professional people, in their mobile phone on demand so far have not been met.

this is Japan’s application, called Luna Luna, has 2 million of paid users, equivalent to RMB 4 million. Women’s menstrual cycle and body temperature. The company launched the product in 2001, the outbreak in 2009, only 1 million of the user charges. Because smart phones can carry, you can also need to query.

Apple has not announced

App a year, last year it was announced to the developer announced this year 2 billion 500 million points, 5 billion points, or $2 billion 500 million a year, apple pumping 30%, its income is about $1 billion. In fact, in addition to selling Apple mobile phone, mobile phone and other Smart cover, the annual income of more than $2 billion, more than the income obtained from Apple App, this is just a case of apple. Apple also saw this, it has already had such a plan, called Made>

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