This tomb sweeping day, the nternet business is dead

grand busy delisting, PPS and UC are busy looking for buyers, even the ink weather such as APP are also looking for a way out…… See these, always feel deja vu.

the Internet is just like 40 years ago in Detroit, the three major car manufacturers still have unlimited scenery, but the numerous small and medium-sized car manufacturers have already had to live hard, or be merged, either, or quietly drained with vigour and vitality, to survive it is this kind of Delphi accessories manufacturers — at the time of the auto industry, is also regarded as the basic Chaoyang industry. The railway industry because it is difficult to compete in terms of cost and flexibility and car transport, is regarded as the sunset industry, like today’s retail electricity supplier.

Internet Friday

if we put after 40 years in the automotive industry concentration to 4 days, then concentrated: Monday, 70s, the three major car manufacturers still dominate the world, although the German manufacturers rise in Europe, but they still rely on international growth; Tuesday, concentrated in 80s, Japanese manufacturers rapid rise, and break through North America, the world the three major manufacturers have a situation of tripartite confrontation, not dominant; Wednesday, concentrated in 90s, three major forces to dominate the market, but the South Korean manufacturers preliminary breakthrough, local cracks appeared in the global market pattern; Thursday, concentrated in the 10 years before twentieth Century, the market for the development of the BRIC countries, four forces are spoils, but Chinese manufacturers occupy half of the market is also the most barren at home…… The question is, what about Friday and Friday?

we temporarily difficult to assert, however, on Friday morning, you go to see the Great Wall such a corporate profits also began approaching $1 billion, Gillette such a difficult family also has more than 2 billion yuan profit…… You can think about Friday night and Saturday morning.

after all, this market is saturated, you die, I live, the Internet market as well.

Monday, the Internet industry was born on Tuesday, YAHOO Internet market was born; Amason; Wednesday, Google appeared on the market, YAHOO will lose the power that day; Thursday, Facebook appeared on the market, the day and the "alien" Apple crossing over from last week…… Then? Friday morning, we saw the apple APP STORE long piles of grass, like Google ecology a batch of stationmaster, what will happen on Friday night,


today, apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook dominates the Internet world, but also fight each other, as the automobile industry ecology is: first, the even Germany and Japan have several decent opponent, only Ali, Baidu and Tencent three little giant China such a closed market; second, here no BOSCH, Denso such parts giant, only those small APP manufacturers, even if Zynga is large; third, there can’t be a good business opportunity than the automotive industry, "

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