Entrepreneurial workshop Mai Gang cherish life, away from the nternet

from the pursuit of disruptive innovation, to encourage small and beautiful and rustic investment in traditional industries, in 1997 entered the investment world wheat just why




| Zhai Wenting

at the end of February, Jimmy just flew from Shenzhen to Beijing, arrived at a shopping center Cade named "bubble Mart" stores. This is a small trend to do creative trend products, is a new investment last year, a project. At noon he took the boss of this company and several VC pulled together a group dinner, help project VC intention obviously.

if the wheat just 4 new projects investment last year pulled out a look, almost uniform of traditional enterprises, are playing heavy assets, such as: Yunnan tea horse, Chinese wind jewelry stores, mainly in WAL-MART, Carrefour and other supermarkets at the entrance; fruit cool, fresh cut fruits. The site is in a large company, target customers and white-collar, solve the work needs to eat fruit, procurement, production and distribution are done online; as a cool, takeaway service company, is founded at Mai Douding network CTO out to do a project. Cherish life, away from the Internet is just now on wheat entrepreneurs say "pet phrase".

this turn is a little big.

Mai gang was once the mouse plus cement advocates in the field of Internet has successfully launched a number of times, but also invested in more than and 40 companies, are in touch with the latest concept and business model. 1997 entered the investment industry, investment and he worked in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hongkong, Silicon Valley was founded in 2001 to study enterprise; University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson School of business, entrepreneurship and strategic direction for MBA, has a business background, is the earliest in the Silicon Valley in the venture capital of students. The wheat just with many years to get to know Silicon Valley influential man such as Google’s director, and angel investor Ram Shriram, founder of Startup Dave McClure 500 (DFJ), Dfj investment fund founding partner Tim Draper, Tim Draper or wheat just founded the "entrepreneurial workshop" of shareholders.

Founded in 2005,

is a pioneer in the laboratory, also known as China’s first incubator. During the peak period, Beijing Zhichun Road Metro on the edge of the building was just investment surplus wheat companies account for 4. Card, easy to check, Douding network and other projects are "a pearl in the palm for his time". He is the identity with angel investor Moupian layout, the development trend of the industry can be accurately predicted, and then deeply involved in the operation of the project. At that time, the ideal is to become the world’s Internet industry a big brother.

so many years down, I basically one or two steps ahead of the industry. I do VC very early, in 1997 to enter the line, but also the United States MBA students this

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