Chinese click Wangzhuan the strange situation

hair extension rich uncle Chinese click Wangzhuan engaged in more than a year, in this year’s life in contact with all sorts of Wangzhuan click Wangzhuan, also contact with a lot of higher click webmaster. Some of the strange phenomenon Chinese click Wangzhuan projects appear to illustrate Chinese click Wangzhuan not mature.

is a project such as click Wangzhuan appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Due to the low cost of Bux station, a cheap Chinese CN domain name plus a few dozen dollars of space plus a few dollars of the program, a Bux station and the station appeared. This site is really worrying.

two is Chinese click Wangzhuan Adsense quick. No member anxious to find a member, with a certain membership payment problems, because the input and output of the unequal, making a lot of webmasters in the shortest possible time to end the site.

three is a high point of the click of the outrageous. A station is a few cents or even a few cents click, to attract members, what good friends will earn promotion efforts, a national open station search engine in all of his stations. Membership of the program led to paralysis.

four is a hacker. Chinese click open does not go, just cleaned out all the data, and then put all the blame to the hacker’s body, where in the world there are so many hackers, in fact the webmaster is the biggest hacker, these basically is the webmaster do, not what the hacker.

five is unlimited expansion of hits. In fact, a click is 0.5 cents, but he to make friends with a magnification of ten times the amount paid click on the score, only 1% or 10%, and with a variety of payment terms, make friends empty a joy.

six is a variety of virtual currencies. Most of it is in the process of RMB, but I do Chinese click in the received Q coins, QQ members, briefs, toys, prepaid card and so on, numerous, ironic


seven is the head of the super power click Wangzhuan, my site I call the shots. As a member there is no way to restrain any behavior of the webmaster. Cheated, not paid, the sudden end of the site, empty all the data as an ordinary member you have no way to restrict the webmaster.

there are a lot of strange phenomenon is not to say, or after reading this article no one Chinese click Wangzhuan. In fact, there are a lot of Chinese click Wangzhuan or good, promotion or rich uncle Mao would not be so keen to Chinese click Wangzhuan. Then write a Chinese click Wangzhuan how profitable to engage in Chinese click Wangzhuan webmaster have time to Chinese this article, click Wangzhuan project healthy and orderly develop and mature.

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