Shop – how to build new reading online store

a, how to build a shop?

you don’t need to understand any computer network knowledge, also do not need to do what ", you just sit at home, the little mouse, online set interface style, your love and then add in the background you want to sell the goods, the system of automatic generation of web page. You don’t need to do anything, just add the product and your online store is built. For many are actually some address: Taobao eBay, paipai, taobao

1 registration, search engine
    presumably this method is all use of search engine users must master the skills of search engine registration target is to carry on the website promotion more effectively. To Sina, Sohu, Google, Yahoo, and some of the big search engine site to register, just fill out some forms, although it is a small move, but it will bring you unexpected results oh. Free web site login search engine entry Daquan (there may be some failure):
free entrance Chenxi

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