Buyren Zhang Zhiyong new opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money

March 10th news, 2006 China Super Adsense entrepreneurship contest " entrepreneurial practice " training held in Beijing today, Tencent science and Technology Conference on the exclusive broadcast.

following is Buyren general manager Zhang Zhiyong speech:

Buyren Zhang Zhiyong: Adsense venture to make new opportunities

Zhang Zhiyong: Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to communicate something. Today, for the first time in the face of so many people speak, his heart a little nervous, so I will forget the words I hope you can understand and encourage. Just wear a total, including the king of the map than I may not be a very well-known personal webmaster, may know my name is less than 10%. Chinese has some of the most famous and successful websites in this circle, you know he just graph king has been commercialized, including wearing the total company also can be said to have a huge investment risk, compared to some personal website is not commercial, but also have very high earnings, I learned about the income of hundreds of thousands, not over millions of websites, compared to my personal income barely subsistence. Today, Mary billion company to give me such a company about such things, is not to say how much I, how cattle, there may be some pessimism webmaster circles, I actually have some different ideas out to share with you.

I graduated 04 years, in, I began to do the Buyren online shopping forum in August, now has more than two years, and I went to the league in to do senior manager. My project is, is the world’s largest Chinese online shopping forum, which is completely beyond the dangdang. When it comes to this, we have always said that we had better not say that China is the largest, so I said that the world’s largest. When it comes to wearing this piece, I personally feel very ashamed, because the feeling is owed to wear a total of the company is very much, we have some of the forum technology from the company to dig up, here to wear an apology. So far we have seventy thousand members, members are not particularly much. I often browse other websites, and many members. Compared to our website because it is similar to the electronic commerce website, 3 million sales of approximately every month, commission income will be about 300 thousand per month, because our model is different, the real birth may be barely subsistence. 04 years sold to American Amazon, his annual sales is only one hundred million, sold about $one billion in sales, I now is probably an excellent 1/3, I often think I will value three hundred million. you know 06 years to get a $27 million investment, so its market value is $400 million, and sales of hundreds of millions, not very much. This is a situation on our website, some members here to discuss the excellent network and Dangdang discount information, such as Dangdang today to buy 100 back to the activities of the 30, they will

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