Search engine optimization (SEO) money mode sharing

SEO money sharing mode. This article describes the search engine optimization (SEO) to make money in 6 modes, the 777 network is simple and we share the money SEO mode!

1, search engine ranking services to provide money:

service object: SME website

suitable object: SEO novice

make money flow: the customer provides the site’s FTP management authority, and then to the overall optimization of the site, and then help the customer’s core keywords in Google, Yahoo and other search engines on the left of the top 10. And maintain a year.

mode features: low cost, easy to use, monthly income of more than ten thousand dollars is relatively easy, but relatively tired.

2, the use of SEO to create large flow site:

suitable for the object: SEO skilled + website production master

money mode: collect advertising fees

money flow: from the perspective of SEO to do a series of Web sites, and then easily get a lot of traffic. Then join the online advertising alliance, apply for advertising code on the site, and then earn advertising fees.

mode features: This is a lot of personal webmaster a way, this model is beginning to tired, and then make money easier. But want to do a good job, you need to know a lot of skills: for example, the choice of the theme of the site, domain name selection, site planning, the collection of content, the choice of advertising alliance, etc..

3, the use of SEO and traditional trading company

suitable for the object: there is a traditional business based SEO staff

money model: Sales of products

money making process: with the traditional production-oriented enterprises, you use SEO to create a marketing site, and then through the site to bring sales, according to sales commission. This model is equivalent to a traditional trading company.

model features: the cost is more, you can do very large, look at those around you are familiar with the production-oriented enterprises, you can try this model.

4, SEO+CPA sales alliance

suitable for objects: SEO personnel, good English priority

make money mode: earn commission

money making process: do not need to engage in a separate site, the direct use of free blog, free home can do. Such sites do not need large traffic, as long as the flow of high quality, you can make money. Because you want to make money by not clicking, but sales. To do this model, you need to have SEO technology, but also need to choose a good CPA alliance, choose a good promotional products. CPA alliance abroad very much, such as CJ, CB, BF, etc.. Dangdang, Joyo and other e-commerce sites also have sales alliance.

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