conference the current situation of China’s personal website panorama

in 2006, the Chinese webmaster forum and the second session of the General Assembly opened in Xiamen Asia Gulf Hotel in. The forum sponsored by the China Internet association, Network hosted

map: new opportunities and new challenges of China’s current status of personal site panorama. (Lei Lei / photo)

below is the full text of the dialogue:

Moderator: please be quiet, we started the forum in the afternoon.

‘s schedule is divided into four parts, each schedule is about 30 minutes, so our time is not very long. Give everyone some suggestions, several guests here to introduce several guests here, the first is our China stationmaster net webmaster, shining image of everyone in the eyes of the hooligan, hooligan is Chinese stationmaster king for 02 years began to make great achievements, just have a statistics. We have now before the forum, or from the popularity, and we later such a China stationmaster net already be roughly the same, although the late discus is very fast.

second is our TECHWEB Zhu Zhijun. Do the site is China’s personal website, which is a commercial website, such as a commercial, personal webmaster service.

third of our guests are our laggards webmaster Dong Qinfeng.

fourth our Mr. Wang Tong. The core concept of Wang Tong is the study of SEO, not only is the most books, but also deeply research experts, is also a lot of webmaster to learn such a place.

very interesting today, we have four very do Adsense website for having heard it many times, some senior figures such as Mao, Mao Yiding, from the network advertising from an enterprise, from the enterprise network advertising to do.

I put back the time for all of you, I want to say we each a bit shorter, may start from their own all of the comments and suggestions, this one angle to look after my observation, I have what kind of opinions and suggestions. We first hooligan.


: my advice is to try at some large sites above, we can find some good enough things, such as NetEase, do not find the good place. I had also said, now more to the development of the network, some segments of the more promising, after the Internet needs more staff, more and more, can not do the same as before the portal site, do mobile phone and so on these sites have been slowly surfaced, everyone said that these stations are good. Do not use too complex, every month can earn tens of thousands of dollars of flowers, insist on doing something.

host: is the best thing to do.

Zhu Zhijun: there’s a saying in Beijing

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