Beginner Basics

many friends may be confused began in the end do not know Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, actually is what meaning, let alone make money. So some Wangzhuan knowledge, we must need to know.

: what is Wangzhuan

many friends asked me how wangzhuan. Seems to know this word Wangzhuan, but did not understand his meaning. Wangzhuan is the Internet to make money, after all, is by all means to make money. In fact, the word money is the same, is a general term, a concept. If I ask you, how to make money, you can detailed answer? Wangzhuan is various, therefore, in determining the Wangzhuan concept, but also to determine what do wangzhuan.

two: what are the Wangzhuan


Wangzhuan is varied, as the saying goes, 360 lines, adventure.has, is the truth. Wangzhuan is 360, or even more, therefore is not unity. Here is the first list some common: Witkey Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan (Witkey), hook (surfing), (BUX) survey, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, promotion alliance, voting (code), Wangzhuan Wangzhuan investment (including wind investment), advertising alliance (owners), game (sales promotion CPS/ registered Wangzhuan guide CPA), registered Wangzhuan, sales alliance (such as Amoy)

three: Wangzhuan is a


if you talk about the way to go to work on the road, you may be familiar with, and you should also be cheated. But you can say to earn money? Wangzhuan vice versa. There are a lot of things lying on the Internet, but the same thing is true, and far more than deceptive things. Therefore Wangzhuan not deceptive, but the network is a liar.


Wangzhuan can earn much money?

a lot of friends ask sesame this issue, today sesame again stressed. Your income is not unified, there are a lot of people not to earn money, earn 10 yuan a lot of people, many people have to earn one hundred yuan, there are a lot like they are ma Wangzhuan, the revenue is immeasurable. Don’t kill a stick, do not doubt the authenticity of Wangzhuan, how much money you say


five: why the same project, he earned 10 thousand, I can not earn? Is it a lie?

it’s not about your ability, but have you ever thought it would be easy for him to make the money? Maybe he’s been working for a year, two years, or even 10 years. And you’ve only just begun. Perhaps you have been in operation after a month, I feel that they have understood. But you do not forget that others earn more than you, that you do not understand, you only need to insist on doing it, then a long time, you will naturally understand.

six: Wangzhuan industry in such a mess, how to avoid fraud

?There are a lot of ways to avoid cheating in

, of course

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