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B2C e-commerce is more suitable for career development,

from the qualitative perspective, the process of spreading to all in the field of mobile Internet, will affect the decision-making and the development of these industries, and even change the ecological environment of the industry and the way of doing things.

B2C e-commerce requires excellent marketing capabilities,

I and many webmaster, in order to make money, to join the Taobao customer, do Wangzhuan, use network technology to build a website, through commissions and advertising is very easy to make money. However, we all know that some time ago sh419 ranking adjustment, and now Taobao’s profit margins are indeed very small. Therefore, I am looking for e-commerce and other channels to make money, want to in the fierce environment to strangle a storm looking for another sky. After the friend’s advice, I found B2C e-commerce more profit space, and it can be called the cause. One reason is by years of experience in product sales Wangzhuan, not a difficult thing. Two is B2C e-commerce, need to start from the grassroots, and most of the webmaster, as before the accumulation of funds is not much, contacts are relatively poor. But since I’ve run a Taobao store before, it can be the starting point for my B2C e-commerce.

mobile Internet development up to now, has not done to the students in the "enter now is not too late, and has entered the students to think what to do next. In fact, I think the change of domestic mobile Internet really has not started, after so many years of development, the real change may start until next year. We are standing in the doorway of great change.

the next two or three years, the new.


is definitely positioned to be better,


Abstract this paper is co-founder of innovation works Wang Hua in the mobile developers conference speech arranged the trend of change, including the domestic mobile Internet giant card in case of new entrants seeking business opportunities, and the future of the 5 best new business opportunity is what.

this way, you will feel that the mobile Internet is too crowded, no matter what you want to do is do. But this problem in my opinion is not a problem, on the Internet, also has such a scenario, new entrants want to do, portals are doing. But you look at the recent and listed companies involved in the Lanting Pavilion, set potential, 58 city, where to go, the car home, is the time to do.

from friends B2C entrepreneurial inspiration: my friend is born in technology, developed the site, and now form a team to do B2C, online clothing retail mall. He told me that from the site location to plan, originally want to do products, industry information, and even SNS integrated platform, but found that the design of the wide, just started not so many people to do these things. As a result, the industry, information and other difficult to update and maintain daily, SNS applications platform is everywhere other people’s advertising, just like no maintenance of the garden overgrown with weeds. But later on, he made only online sales of t-shirts. Focus on B2C e-commerce, and then around this product to do promotion, is now he believes that the most feasible approach. Domestic Hisense enterprises is an example. In the television, air conditioning, refrigerators, mobile phones in the field of technical breakthroughs have been achieved, but precisely because of the scope of the involved too broad, marketing skills have not followed the technology. As a result, refrigerators do, but Haier, air conditioning to do, but GREE, the best results, that is, the low-end TV flat market to get the top three position.

platform well, good direction, is really able to promote mobile Internet entrepreneurs to go deep. The surface, the platform companies occupy a lot of entrance, but it also means that they have good market infrastructure, education, road opened, but more suitable for entrepreneurs quietly doing something.

from the point of view, now has 500 million mobile Internet users, but mobile Internet industry share of the economy is still very small. Even the Internet is not touched in many industries, even do better in areas such as electricity, tourism and other traditional industries is only about 10%, are actually very small numbers.

The giant

today’s mobile Internet giant card, new entrants in the

The amount of

domestic mobile Internet real next year

throughout the year, the mobile Internet industry, we can see that in the platform, giants have a card, each in the big acquisitions of start-up companies, fighting traffic entrance, social platform and infrastructure.

but in my opinion, the mobile Internet generated effects should be larger than the internet. Because it can be integrated into our lives. In my view, the next five years to ten years, the mobile Internet will control 50% or more to the national economy.


world’s top 100 giant is the marketing tycoon, you will find that like Microsoft, WAL-MART, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, the world class companies they have very outstanding marketing level, technical ability is not the best. Want to do B2C e-commerce, need a competitive team, need to be responsible for website development, network marketing and website customer service, distribution personnel division of labor, and not rely on a technical ability person can support the whole website. So my role in this process needs to change. The next period of time, I need to pull orders, discuss cooperation with vendors, users to promote our web site products, from the limited site development to marketing role changes.

and we now stand a real change in the door, the developer is not just mobile developers, will jump to the real economy in all walks of life, become a facilitator.

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