Look at your software bugs mass is down right now

The chain

good website, but most of the content for the original, the original substance more sites, search engine sites included the possibility is bigger, for collecting stations or mostly overload the substance of the station, so the station to the user, rather than to the big network station. Until now I stand in the daily collection will increase, should be aware of the weight of the site is still good, but after the low weight site inspection, so check the website of the specific problem is still what? In a word, the essence of good, need not worry about being right down, this site is Chong Shanghai dragon friends, although the content is collected, but there are a lot of original content, to ensure the quality of the content is the premise.

spatial stability in the "www.chong Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 on the space velocity on the website of the influence in detail into. Whether it is for the user, or search engine website, website open speed are expected to be able to quickly, if the speed of the site is not satisfactory, and uncertain, Shanghai will be a large number of love if things go on like this, reduce the amount included in the site, so that your customers are not flow. The website can get the website keywords ranking has disappeared. The state space website is important index search engine decision weights of the website, the website repeatedly revealed no >

second: substance

, through the friends of the chain can be achieved, not only achieved staggered weight of each site. Many webmaster think blindly to win, so exchange quality is not up to standard. Don’t buy a proposal, said the high PR link, offer two, with less try to exchange links of the link, this link is not more than the staggered weight, is more likely to affect the weight of the site itself. Weight and height of the web site, search engine sites will be based on the website of the other side scoring, high weight website and you exchange links, search engine will think your site is the high quality of the site, if the site is relatively common and relatively low quality site exchange links, search engine sites will find site weight and friendship for the website is very low. So the influence of the chain website weight is good, the demand. Chong in Shanghai dragon "four methods" software bugs hair of the chain, with software group should pay attention to, must pay attention to the resources of the subdivision, not all the places you want to send, grab, consolidation, segmentation, this is a long process cycle, one way is gradually getting high quality resources.

third, website space

: the first site outside the chain


has a lot of friends to reflect, recently your web site is down right, asked if it was because of the "marketing software to group blog, the forum message caused by, I said, if you give your competitors to find, so his ranking is not going very fast so what? Causes of the fall of the right? Chong Shanghai Longfeng today with a look at it!

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