My opinion on Taobao keywordA generation of shoe king BELLE to HKEx founder of overall cash privatiz

July 17, 2017, BELLE international privatization plan approved by the shareholders by 98%, will be delisted from the Hong Kong exchange for HK $53 billion 135 million valuation, close to the market value of HK $52 billion 300 million on the first day of 2007; and compared with the February 2013 peak, the market value has shrunk more than nearly 60%. Appearance of the brilliant and lonely dim contrast, it is inevitable to make people sigh.

in addition, we blog this model promotion products rarely, so our product category selected, we must choose this category under the boutique. The conversion rate is high.

just a little boot, you can clinch a deal.

4. Commission is high, the price is not high. Then you should pay attention to the quality of his product. Product quality problems, you recommend to the user, then the user does not trust you later, you have no business done.

lonely delisting of BELLE, all cash and Deng Yao Baijiao, perhaps what do not wrong, it is wrong too old? Hillhouse capital, CDH investment privatization agency resources deep involvement, open the "consortium + enterprise" to explore a new path for the transformation of the retail industry. Will traditional retail and digital attempts make the once cumbersome retail store switch to BELLE’s

, for example, I choose is essential oils, then I certainly choose the AFU, but also AFU’s most popular lavender essential oil.

but AFU doesn’t have a very high commission, so I went through a few other high commission products.

also has some big items: a fridge, a sofa. Commission must be high, but repeated purchase rate is small, then you flow much more. What’s more, there are many other factors that affect the transaction of this large commodity.

The last annual report of BELLE

BELLE financial data has been declining for several years, it is China’s retail business earthshaking years. The new electronic commerce has experienced the ultra high speed growth, tends to rise steadily, turns turns into the traditional industry. Ma Yun to mention the new retail concept, in its lead, the store has become the main battleground for electricity supplier giants. But the new retail store is no longer simply a vending center, but a user experience center.

products selected >

first of all, I think I have to choose what I’m interested in, or what I am currently engaged in, the industry I am familiar with. In this case, no matter the characteristics of the product or the selection of the content of the blog, you are all at your command. The unavoidable problem here is that the products you are interested in, or the products you are familiar with, may not be high commissions.

but from the current operating conditions, half of the country BELLE’s footwear brands still occupy the domestic market, its own brand BELLE, Staccato, Senda, he or she, Basto, Teenmix, and Bata, Clarks, HushPuppie agent, Mephisto brand recognition is still in the market; BELLE sales agent Nike, Adidas Puma, CONVERSE, and other sports apparel brand is still in a rising market.

BELLE brand was originally created in >

1. try to choose the brand.

, the first to talk to the owner about commission, as long as you have the ability to promote, generally can. The shopkeeper wants his product to be pushed.

ten years, BELLE International 01880.HK in the capital market around the circle, back to the starting point.

3. price, you must believe that the Commission is high, the product price must be high. The price of the product affects the conversion rate.

second is to do quantity, such as some daily necessities products, commissions are not high. But these are the products of repeated consumption. A very large quantity.

, for example, if you push some brand-name products. You know, the commissions on those brands aren’t very high. However, the amount of promotion is very large. Why? High conversion rate ah, big amount of ah, so choose products should pay attention to product characteristics: some repeated consumption, and some are not often purchased. There is also the brand and non brand will affect the conversion rate.


AFU was originally a famous brand with high brand awareness. And that lavender essential oil is burst, many people buy. Baby, the details are great.

read a few days ago on the A5 blog, Taobao website how to retain the popularity of the article, inspired by, here to share my experience with Taobao customers:

so there are two solutions:

2. to see baby details, baby details do bad, fewer transactions. Will directly affect the conversion rate.

as a traditional retail era of brand operators, BELLE has built up a relatively complete multi brand business category management structure, and so far, although the financial index is not good, but the company does not exist in the management of major errors. Perhaps, as Ma Huateng said, "nothing is wrong, it’s too old."".

traditional retail era impeccable model

and BELLE may underestimate the development of science and technology on the change of consumption habit strength, may be suffering from "too big to fail", missed the mobile Internet leading the wave of consumption upgrading, become the representative of the old retail, is facing the fate of retreat.

before privatization shows that the year 2016, although the company footwear retail outlets fell by 700, but the sports apparel, proprietary retail outlets increased by 543, the overall remained stable, in February 28, 2017, BELLE International – retail outlets for a total of 20841 home.

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