Let old enterprise stand optimization study

this template, of course not to discuss the extreme is not conducive to optimizing the website template. From the beginning of the contact optimization, good web site templates, reasonable layout, can let the enterprise stand optimization effort. Especially in the last few months, the hands of a plurality of enterprise site monitoring, confirmed this speculation of the author. As a typical case, there are three parking lock site the author hands, the first domain was 2 years old, the chain is widely related to the number of original articles related to occasional illustrations, but the main keywords ranking of parking lock to tepid, basically did not enter the home before three.

then you to observe words and words of ordinary commercial products (except medical), site layout template and ranking in front of the most remarkable. The chain is not great circumstances, good template rankings often dumped a few blocks together.

, two station anchor text diversity? Don’t listen to you

do stand inside the anchor text, always cautious, and hope the anchor text to the page to get more keywords ranking, such as the promotion of parking lock, tend to make the parking lock price, parking lock factory, Taobao parking lock contains the main keywords of the anchor text. But the result, part of the anchor text word with the ranking, but the main keyword ranking is out.


stop doing business promotion, you are likely to give customers, performance appraisal is a few keywords ranking, may also be done to the company, performance appraisal is likely to be a period of performance. The author believes that the vast majority of network marketing success ultimately reflected in the orders and performance, based on this idea, the author talk about general enterprise stand optimization personal opinions.

at the end of last year, the author used to optimize the enterprise template set up parking lock retail station, the station takes energy to the old station 1/3, but some words ranking far beyond the old station. The same example, I had made a product of the Tao station three station, good template, filling the basic articles, occasionally send some outside chain, to love Shanghai several times updated, ranking far beyond the ordinary template.

summary: stop doing business optimization, remember to choose a good template. Good template, reasonable layout, layout and design of comfort, not only conducive to the website optimization, will increase the number of indirect pull website PV. A PV user, stay for a long time, the website ranking is not good is not scientific.

small business station page tens or hundreds of ordinary site, weight was low, compared to station anchor text transfer weights, the current mainstream view tend to be more prominent and find new pages and site theme page.


I think ordinary enterprise station don’t need to do more long tail or low index anchor text, if you worry about the anchor text is too simple, can be appropriate to do the long tail, but not too much. But because.

, a good template, let you spend less energy to optimize

I think

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