How to talk to Shanghai Dragon Technology into real income (on)

service onto the network: there will be more and more big development space on the Internet after traditional service. Ten years ago, we certainly do not believe that can through the Internet.

many webmaster learned Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, whether some small details or strategies have certain harvest, this time is the use of a good time Shanghai dragon profit, if you have a wealth of knowledge of Shanghai dragon, so in the end how to convert the Internet now in such fierce competition? The industry, from scratch to a piece of heaven and earth is not so simple, but there is still a chance forever.

The traditional

as long as the user demand is a market, such as traditional retail commodity or clothing on the Internet have done very mature, if we get involved in the competition of high threshold industry, difficult for many people as can be imagined, therefore, may wish to focus on localization and niche market, and today we summarize and share my own ideas: localization and niche is a trend of Shanghai dragon profit, can from the following several aspects to explain.

by Shanghai dragon blog: local blog + Shanghai Longfeng ideas is a good idea, before a lot of people say that this does not work, do not consider the customer psychological thoughts, it is not. This is just a few years ago, now many places Shanghai dragon blog has started orders. In addition to love Shanghai index are usually hundreds, here, although some are counterparts in the search, but certainly there are customers in the search. In addition, we do in the local blog, also can not just stare at the keywords and Shanghai Longfeng related, more attention should be paid to the other long tail keywords, long tail word these long tail word is not Shanghai dragon industry, but some local industries of the long tail word. For example, there are two articles titled "what is the long tail keywords" and "how to put the notebook repair in a better position to fall in love with the sea," obviously many blog title of the article is the first one, but it is the best of second, second customers and a step closer to "the door of this notebook the word" maintenance on the customer will get inspiration in your blog, but he did not practice, it is likely to let you help him to do such a single business became. And search "what is the long tail keywords" most owners or quasi owners, their main purpose is to study Shanghai Dragon technology, therefore this title for the exchange of technology and not suitable for the list of profit. Imagine your local long tail keywords in many industries are written, and have a good ranking, then it is not meant a lot of opportunities? Many industry blog terms, such as "network marketing", "soft speculation" and "event marketing", "solution", will come to learn the novice feel very professional, if your blog’s fame was slightly larger, will also receive some recognition in the circle, but the disadvantage is that the customers away imperceptibly. Because you and the real life customers in different network environment, your customers and you belong to a different world of thought.

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