Fuzhou home decoration company ranked top secret method

, a decoration company in Fuzhou home layout:

four, Fuzhou decoration company content page layout:

three, Fuzhou decoration company column page layout:

3, do 301 redirect wlzscl贵族宝贝 jump to 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

2, the first screen must appear most in need of user demand content, general enterprise site 3-5 screen to be

Shanghai Longfeng daily work must be done: competitors >

1. First, according to user needs to develop the title page, and then focus on the title page of the navigation set;

2, do not place unnecessary columns, column is not do not put the needs of users, can be set in the navigation product knowledge, such as Wikipedia quiz program;

2, the content of readability must be high, beautiful and neat layout, the first point is to attract users of eyeball;

; !

4 site: the above weight higher, on the left of the website’s content is very important;


two, Fuzhou decoration company navigation settings:

2, column page to top important content in this column is fixed, or an important position dedicated to important content, can help users find the first time to the content of

The weight of

1, column page content must be specific, around a theme to do not put other columns in the column content;

1, the site layout should be clear, to understand the website weight distribution, according to user needs, is an important secondary to sequentially display;

3, important program or content in an important fixed position;

3, the navigation must be streamlined outline, important content must be put on the left;

should be set inside chain 3, a content page, add related article, the content page ranking of some help;

because many friends do not know how the site layout is in accordance with the needs of users, today Xiaobian to tidy up the website how to layout? So as to promote the ranking home decoration company in Fuzhou Shanghai dragon

1, a content page of a subject, try to do illustrations, to address the needs of users (users);

: many enterprises station to introduce the company on the second screen, the product is put in the center at the bottom, so the user product left without seeing serious impact on the conversion rate of the site.

you can see Fuzhou decoration company 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/ recently increased the key ranking, certainly not the Shanghai dragon friends want to know why in a month, Shanghai is expected to flow to tens of hundreds of


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