Shanghai dragon is not only the need of technology but a A fighting spirit soars aloft. team

not only happy people happy, the real people who have the ability to make their ability to have no ability to copy, so as to reflect the charm of the team, and we do not lack the Shanghai dragon is the team with the tacit understanding. For the most basic example, it is hard for a person to do things, ten people easily completed, do Shanghai Longfeng too, now the heroic era has become the past, success is the real success, the success of the team is the real king, to know the task allocation. Let the team better fulfill the task, to promote the efficiency of higher rankings.

original and wonderful and rich content will make the search engine with start from this point, every day by members of the editorial team to update the site information in this article, as long as the phenomenon is not afraid of not kind every day of the original search engine, do a line of the original topic for, to members of the media portal website submission soft, increase website exposure. Have the ability to write some serial novels, such as love, our love these hot and with the topic, on the one hand is to search engine, we are every day in the update, on the other hand is the most important, keep the user’s heart, as long as your article is wonderful, users will stay in your, and will continue to increase, so the editorial group nature of this piece of work is extremely important.


The finale of The first group: editor Group Forum

a team cannot do without a good leader, must first detailed understanding of each member’s disposition, the most important is to tap their potential to stimulate their interest, develop their thinking, their working enthusiasm for the Shanghai dragon to strengthen unity and cooperation, wisdom, courage, invincible! The specific division said Shanghai dragon, can be divided into three groups, and does not rank.

group: Shanghai dragon monitoring group

Shanghai dragon group is mainly responsible for the work of three parts, optimization, maintenance and monitoring of the 1. key: Links exchange website won the high quality links and improve visibility, using the related query tool, the website keyword query lifting, the reasons for the decline and rising reason, reason analysis report after the implementation of the programme made the. The number of 2. every day to love Shanghai included, love Shanghai snapshots

powerful navy will flood the Internet, that is to let our time we fly into with the internet. China forum have thousands on thousands of, choose the most popular forum for the promotion, provided by the editorial team, each big forum to publish, overwhelming, and good relations with the moderator, get a happy and harmonious essence, or recommend the stick is the responsibility of the time. Actively release or participate in the forum activities, such as playing some buildings, sweepstakes, essay these can be strong to show our website. Find a group to set the BBS text signature hair to the hair of the chain, grab the sofa, grab before the love of Shanghai included to give back, grab the first person to do the forum.

second group:

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