The principle of love to seize the Shanghai brush ranking user experience

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user experience can affect the ranking, you can make artificial non natural user experience. Love is love in the brush mode of Shanghai Shanghai search keywords, and then click on your own website, PV. Not in love in Shanghai is a good algorithm in a natural or non natural, when clicked, this pattern of brush ranking, in principle and in fact, are all effects.


then there meaning: Shanghai dragon

first thing you have to understand, website PV, user retention time and other factors have influence on the rankings constitute, which is why Shanghai dragon has been promoting the user experience, this is the user experience feedback. Think of a website, if you point in, too bad, put him off, the site, the user experience is poor. If the opponent’s site in the chain, content and other aspects of doing with you almost, but the user experience is better than you, being beyond the ranking is sooner or later. Love Shanghai: how do you know these user behavior, if you install the love of Shanghai, then love Shanghai more convenient, so if you have confidence in their own website, a love Shanghai statistics let love Shanghai peace of mind to experience your website. Of course, Shanghai can love by lot to the statistical aspects.

How to brush The principle of

brush love Shanghai ranking:

this two months brush love Shanghai ranking business suddenly fire up, the related websites and forums, are full of such advertising, this kind of practice, if it is not feasible, then it is not possible to have this industry chain, here to talk about their own opinions.


of course, why now business requirements are the first 2 pages to brush, not before the 10 page, 20 page can brush. The user experience just the basis of the ranking, not all, the chain has been ranked the king + content. Can go to the first 2 pages of the website, the overall optimization of the degree is not bad, plus more high-quality "user experience" (non natural user experience, to create artificial) web site overall score is certainly higher, better ranking logical. If after a love Shanghai big update, click on the +PV and other factors on the influence of lower ranking, as the forum signature believe you also know that the consequences will be how.

is for PV, click on keywords, user retention time, so it is not difficult to operate. The difficulty is to nature, if you own a computer, a IP in the brush, perhaps N years ago is useful, but this is certainly not. So how to make a wide range of IP, is a difficulty. Some people devoted to the 200 people, 500 people to brush the artificial things, unless the group where we are to observe the rules of the brush, otherwise I personally think that this interest by established groups, is meaningless. Of course, if 500 people install software, automatic brush, then the feasibility is relatively high.


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