The working principle of a comprehensive analysis of PPC well love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai D

for the local promotion of customers directly through the browser keyword ranking query is more convenient, for the country to promote the customer, we can query to query

from live monitoring love Shanghai background In fact, many webmaster all know

optimization quality

For example, we do Shanghai

for quality optimization, creative and click rate ratio is very large for the traditional bidding quality is the basic for the 2 stars to 2 stars, as long as money can do first, now as long as the three stars and the user click rate, in line with the user experience and creative keywords can be pushed the top left.


real-time monitoring of PPC


we can retrieve the quantity analysis and selection of keywords from the key competition heat, day.



through the auction background Keywords We can write

love Shanghai PPC ranking from 2010 November has been changed, from the previous traditional price competition to optimize the key quality now, in fact, the search engine Google keyword quality already appeared. Love Shanghai show on stage from 2010 until November, officially launched the new algorithm keywords quality degree. We can view the quality of

creative writing

, join the national promotion, to understand the trend of Beijing ranked by >

creative product keywords for creative writing, creative Title Limit of 50 characters of 25 Chinese characters, creative description of 80 characters per line 40 Chinese characters. In the creative aspects of a lot of people according to their own ideas, in fact, for the love of Shanghai creative best around the rosy to write, because the creative Piaohong can better go to catch the user’s eye. For example, you want to do Shanghai dragon promotion, Shanghai dragon words try to appear in the title and description, so the front display keywords will appear red rosy.

PPC the first thing to do is the key of planning, because you rely on these keywords ranking and advertising on the search engine traffic. Preliminary we can login in love Shanghai backstage after the choice of keywords recommended tools for keyword search



SEM=PPC+ Shanghai for Shanghai dragon dragon, I think a lot of people understand some of its working principle, it can be said that natural ranking is well explained, and the key lies in the reasonable construction site internal optimization and external links. For PPC that there will have a lot of, today the author and we analyze the working principle of some PPC.


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