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Internet venture capital industry has never lacked wonderful news, the latest one, Yu Jiawen PK, the video quickly burst burst circle of friends. A year ago on 90 claimed overbearing president took one hundred million bonus quickly in the media about Yu Jiawen in the year after suddenly claimed to be held "recognize counseling conference", because he is ""……

in the video, Yu Jiawen put forward his own recognize counseling, but can not do not do that, "" don’t be too seriously, even Zhou Hongyi to his angels he "should be advised to make impertinent remarks, after a week internship"…… For a time, about the young people proud and arrogant comments again overwhelming, but with the last contrast is: once the "outstanding" on behalf of the skies after 90 business media suddenly turned the gun head, the business circle of kid number one end skin.

Yu Jiawen is also aware of the seriousness of the problem, the night out of a long micro-blog apologized, said he would like to apologize to the public, more young people, the majority of entrepreneurs and employees, said he was "because of his outspoken, but also because of their young and ignorant, but because their lack of value, cause the damage to many people."

but this time, will you forgive him? Should I forgive him?

has also been questioned as a 80, I would like to talk about their views on this matter and reflection.


, "more than good" phenomenon reflects the entrepreneurial victory on logical

in fact, Yu Jiawen is not the only one on the "speculation" 90 entrepreneurs, Powerful (Global no) sex shop, the Hunan horse Allison made Rice noodles barberry church brand of Zhang Tianyi, the great Anne studio Chen Anni, the cloud as the chain gold card Cang ji…… Throughout these heady young people, who did some dazzling aura: 90 business pioneer, won praise, in 2015 the prime minister Keqiang concern of female entrepreneurs, Harvard Curve Wrecker……

phenomenon after 90 entrepreneurs, frequently appeared in the spotlight, the floor. On the one hand, this is to rewrite the social prejudice against this generation, they give full recognition and affirmation; on the other hand, this fact is reflected on the entrepreneurial success. Faced with this impetuous state of the world, people for the "overnight" "P" fame "overnight" do poineering work "dream" often send in unrealistic expectations, so good at expression, Chushengniudu 90 entrepreneurs accord with some characteristics, which also created the environment and soil as "Yu Jiawen".

two, 90, overbearing president and other labels become the poison of the venture capital sector

I noticed a phenomenon, now active in the venture capital circles who often with some of the label, there are 90,

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