How to choose keywords website optimization

Shanghai dragon

second, love Shanghai women’s search bar enter click search, the search results appear, then the browser pull to the bottom, there is a related search, this word is saved to the Notepad inside.

finally entered the love Shanghai keywords promotion tool, input women, out of 300 keywords, the keywords search volume according to the arrangement, download.



This paper starts from the 贵族宝贝suwencheng贵族宝贝/

optimization is the most important choice of keywords, a web site keywords not well, then we can say that the optimization of the website has failed. Xiamen Shanghai Longfeng recently made more than 10 sites, key words, description of what is written in their own, so there is a certain understanding of the choice of keywords, then Xiamen Shanghai dragon on hand and teach you how to choose keywords, we take the word "dress" for example "/p>!

keyword search after the next is to choose keywords, such as women’s clothing brand with the word, we love Shanghai first in the search, the search results page found love Shanghai products 3, the domain name is 3, the other is the weight of relatively high site Columns page, look at the results also have about 3000000 we love Shanghai, open the index, keyword index was about 1800~2000, the keyword is popular, if you are a person of optimization, it was suggested not to do a bit difficult, in other words one by one according to this method to do (keywords love Shanghai promotion Keywords tools inside the recommended to all to do so, as long as the query search volume greater than 2000 can be, if less than 2000 of you looked pleasing to the eye can also try), do we It can put keywords to select the

SZ/24.html Shanghai dragon, the original is not easy, please indicate the source.


first opened in the word love Shanghai, love Shanghai search bar enter women, then there will be a drop-down box, the drop-down box words are index, we put these words into Notepad.

such as "Ladies" of the word, like Xiamen Shanghai dragon word is a person to do, I would choose the words. Key words: Women’s boutique, a new type of dress, dress collocation, women’s occupation, the words of the index is not high, better to do.

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