Liu Zijun the pain of the failure of entrepreneurs, where is the painStart from the website optimiza

planning for a while, I now have two products to sell, one is web site, and two is website optimization services. How to develop customers, I through the following steps, desperate to send information, advertising, developed to customers.

2011 Jiayuan officially listed, which makes many people begin to pay attention to and start the marriage net project, this time with the customer to find we develop a marriage network system project is 500 thousand by seven or eight friends start financing, but they have to open the company website without any experience, so there is no development plan, website have not well, from the completion of another 2 months, just more than 20 of sales this matchmaker to make more than 20 sales very idle matchmaker have nothing to do, but nothing to do to pay ah, finally leading to the website was launched operations soon ran out of money, the company was forced to close. In fact, the initial stage of the company does not need to pull up so many people at once, after all, the company also needs to boil a period of no income, so the cost control and rhythm of development are critical. If you want to communicate with Liu Zijun to start a business project, you can search for Liu Zijun in the major search engines or micro-blog.

this entrepreneurial experience, worth sharing to many Internet entrepreneurs, will make you feel an unprecedented shock and tingling.

there have been setbacks entrepreneurial is precious, and I started to learn the personnel management, financial management, strategy and tactics, marketing planning, integration of promotion, also learned how to do things, as of 2016 from the new venture laid the foundation.

this is an online order water website project, he can let the customer order water to obtain water through order integral to other businesses for consumption or purchase, he designed a seemingly good ecological chain, but his lack of experience in the operation of the channel, but have not done their homework on the three groups. It is very difficult to open the market, when the ecosystem has one character absent, the ecological chain will not continue the operation, which also led to a lack of confidence to project into the late close up state.

three, confusion, blind most perfect

a lot of times, people’s mistakes are caused by the beginning of the choice, so I choose this road, entrepreneurship is wrong. Although through their own experience and resources drainage, there are more than 400 customers consulting, but only 2 transactions. And finally, these two are returned, refund, and a year of entrepreneurship, I also raised a dozen employees, and finally can imagine. This is not a problem of ability, because the product industry is not professional, blind self-confidence led to a loss of about 200000.

two, no research projects applicable to the crowd, it is difficult to start

below is full of actual combat dry, from March 16 in November when the hands empty, and now get the first angel investment. This road is not easy, every day inside the brain are concerned about the growth of second days and next month’s tactics, each step of the plan, how to constantly create innovation, how to tap more and stronger values.

one, too impatient expansion, burn too fast,

accumulated the first pot of gold, 1 months out of 30 thousand of the profits:

1, the business made resume, mass delivery to the enterprise, I remember the crazy day delivering 2000 letters about every N recruitment telephone call me from the telephone I may determine whether or not to talk about the website construction and website optimization services company possibility. This way, if you haven’t done it, don’t use it. It’s bad. You offend a lot of people. I do this!

can not blindly pursue perfection when making a project, especially when the project is still groping. This is a specially designed for foreign brands to open chain agent in China business website, this pattern in Chinese on the Internet does not have, is that he is the first, but because there is no good website template reference function changes very much often result in the web development process, for example, see Facebook have a display effect good function will we add up, or see a certain website cover shows a good way has been added, endless increase or change, has been seeking the most beautiful and dazzling effect. Some friends feel that according to the agreement, they may have the right to refuse the non contractual development functions, or charge extra fees for their newly requested functions

is greater than the thinking way, after the failure to partner broke up, I was alone family left the 4 line of the city to the city of Hangzhou. This place has been for 5 years, familiar with the commercial atmosphere from the new ignite my morale, at this time I have only 1380 yuan. I can’t last until next month if I don’t think of ways to make money. Starve to death, timid, bold death, is marketing and sales in itself, as long as there is something to sell me, I worry that I can not make money from the new,


story, I started from 15 years ago, because this year is the beginning of my entrepreneurial years, but also a year of suffering. Once in the Internet Co sales director for 4 years, has served many industries, to help many companies conduct Internet marketing, do technical development, do integration promotion services. Therefore, with a wealth of experience in the workplace, but also conceited that they can also sell any product through the Internet marketing.



the company is an entrepreneurial dream company, a lot of entrepreneurial projects are set sail from here and achieve business it was quite common, is the site of construction and development of App, but is doing business, so many entrepreneurs can be at a very low cost to develop the project, so I witnessed a lot of reliable and reliable project, the project is not reasonable and see many reasons of the failure to share out here Liu Zijun, to help business or friends ready to start.

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