Shanghai dragon should stick to their views or listen to the views of predecessors

to communicate with others in the process, there may be different views, personally think that is website optimization and there is no uniform rules, you might this method is effective, also his methods may also be effective, does not mean that you are right, but others are wrong. Or to continue communication optimization thinking, learn from the experience of other optimization webmaster, and then through their own continuous distillation of continuous integration, we may have a deeper level of views for the website optimization.

in the process of Web site optimization, everyone will accumulate their own love of Shanghai ranking optimization experience, think what kind of method is more effective. While in Shanghai Longfeng work, not natural will encounter all sorts of predecessors. Many times their views on website optimization will have a lot of contradictions, and the US in this regard, we are more stick to their point of view, or choose to listen to others’ experience in optimization? I believe that many Shanghai Longfeng counterparts have such doubts. Wang Kaixin think, the optimization of their own experience, of course, is precious, and with senior peer exchange of experience is very necessary.


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is a personal website experience is certainly very important, is through our own practice out of something. About with other counterparts, we must go to actively communicate, everyone has everyone thinking, everyone has everyone’s operation mode, only in this way, we can continue to integrate the others website thinking.

website optimization, will be exposed to all kinds of every hue counterparts, some may even more senior than we. Then in the process of exchange, they think they will find a way, some are very contradictory with us, what we think is wrong. So, this is full of doubts, is to listen to the seniors, or choose to listen to their experience of optimization.

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when we operate multiple sites, every day we will pay attention to dynamic ranking of these sites, all data analysis, so naturally we will draw the website optimization experience belongs to the next will avoid making similar mistakes. At the same time, we for the dynamic adjustment of the search engine, will be more well known.

is the predecessor of Shanghai Longfeng to listen to the views of

are in the process of actual combat experience, many times, a little bit accumulated, we know what to do, what not to do, for the Shanghai dragon optimization direction, we will be more clear. This will help to help do the site optimization, days after the result, we must learn to continue to accumulate, the only way to continue to progress in this industry, constantly optimize the iterative accumulated higher level.

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