Do website optimization need to proceed from those aspects

website should have another file is the site map (sitemap.xml), for regular updates to the site should be set a dynamic site map. The Shanghai spiders love particularly fond of the site map, site map and set up a dynamic help to improve the site included speed. You can set an hour to update the general small capacity and large website site, you can set a week update.

said the code lose weight, which belongs to the pure procedure, but the optimization effect on the web page so far. In other words, a domain name as well, while the registered sites use the same title and description, the same keyword optimization operation, may be ranked far from the situation, the reason may lie in the web page code. A >

is the key link of pseudo static and reduced web site optimization, search engines like.Html,.Htm,.Shtml and other static web site, this will lead to the pseudo static method to optimize the dynamic website. A page URL is the domain name and the page directory (or relative address). The focus is on the page URL reduced relative address abbreviations. For example, eight degree network ( URL optimization on its ASP page, designed as shtml, effectively increase the friendly search engine to the site. Some owners believe that the domain name length will have an influence on the site, this is a wrong view, in fact, spider like us, more easy to remember domain name rather than deliberately short domain name.

website optimization and a website of the program have a great relationship, therefore, have some experience in website optimization is also very understanding of the program division. Since the program optimization is the key site local optimization, and local optimization is the core of Shanghai dragon, so today we talk in detail from the perspective of how to better optimize the website program.

first, each site should have the robot protocol (robots.txt), the agreement originally from Google, is now used by many search engines. By agreement, the spider is allowed or part of a link or a file to the site, the bandwidth is saving, such as the website admin folder often do not need to be a spider to visit. Another role is to prevent the weight of the robot protocol output and prevent death chain, socialization and openness of the Internet today, each site will show some social platform in the home (such as micro-blog, shop, etc., using public home page) protocol can prevent web spider to weight into the unnecessary place.

we all know, optimization and website beautification is different, although the search engine does not advocate, but the actual situation is: the optimization for spiders, and beautify for visitors. The reason is because FLASH (anchor text, pictures, video and other user experience except) higher format and cannot be identified by spiders, cause can only through other ways to show the content of the web site to the spider.


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