Accidentally, website ranking eleven Shanghai curse fall in love

may have friends will say, before the content is also included, why before

network information is constantly changing, the user for receiving the amount of information can be said to be a Japanese tens of thousands, how much is the content of the website we pick up information or is the name of the original low quality under the banner of readable content, it will be judged as spam, the user experience will fall.

in Shanghai dragon, the eleven algorithm is a curse, the author introduced some break before Dennis love Shanghai eleven algorithm measures, but this case found no improvement, do not know the method of backward technology or the waves come too rough, so the site can not be.

1, the website ranking has been stable in the home, and the time has been for some time, the website does not have too big change;

also ranked so high?

3, long tail keywords and word was decreased to eleventh when the ranking will be floating, no matter how you update.

2, then website ranking in Shanghai love data update, ranking eleventh and gradually decreased until twelve;

we need to know how to determine the site ranked in the eleven love Shanghai algorithm. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er see the site into eleventh is considered into the love of eleven Shanghai algorithm, which is obviously Overgeneralization did not understand the meaning of it. In general we judge the website ranking into eleven algorithms, mainly from the overall situation, rather than a potential. Typically, enter the eleven algorithm website will appear such circumstance.

so far, there is no improvement in the ranking of a website ranking stable cycle, we can determine the site into the eleven love Shanghai algorithm. Love Shanghai eleven algorithm strictly speaking is a kind of embodiment of sites can not meet the needs of users and the right to be reduced, it not only for individual keywords but the whole website vocabulary. To break the eleventh algorithm spell, we must understand the cause of love is the eleven Shanghai algorithm.

is not recent changes in the algorithm or website optimization excessive, to make the author Dennis distress it still did not escape. A web site is the author of the hands, accidentally out of the home page ranking, coincidentally have a high not low a stop in the first second pages of search results. No matter how or what the update after optimization method, whether it’s "neighbors" if you come to me, the website ranking is home to eleventh PA firmly position, never abandon. At this point, the author Dennis finally admitted that the website ranking into the love of eleven Shanghai algorithm.

is very simple, Rome was not built in a day, the website ranking itself is a comprehensive embodiment. The content of the website is not to say that you have one or two spam messages will fall right down the rankings, but reach a certain > in this kind of information

1, website information of low quality.

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