Analysis on the website of Shanghai dragon before competition

we love Shanghai related domain, love Shanghai related domain anti India is not real website backlinks, because the love of Shanghai official did not disclose the hand data. So we can only get a second, now only YAHOO discloses website reverse link data, so we can use YAHOO station time >

fell in love with the sea competitor to the site domain name, you can see the site generally included, an element of other sites included the amount is our reference. Of course, if it is noble baby, then to the noble baby using this command.


algorithm nobility baby have already changed, especially in the PANDA farmer algorithm on-line deployment, the weight of the PR value has been increasingly unable to represent a web site, even the nobility baby official said the PR algorithm is a concept of excessive publicity. But for our competitor analysis site but still has a certain reference value.

Dongguan tide Shanghai Longfeng is a straightforward person, love. Today to give you a little knowledge of Shanghai dragon. Analysis on the website of Shanghai dragon before competition. After we finished the keyword mining, analysis and selection, the next step is to conduct competitor analysis.

three, SITE

search engine will run for some of the older weight website gives a higher. Because we do not know the exact time actually competing rival station, we can’t directly call to ask the right people, people is our opponent, even if the call in the past, people will not tell us. So, we can only check to judge about domain age site time.

, a domain name age


related domain, it is often said Shanghai reverse link. Of course, we often use webmaster tools or in love in Shanghai use the DOMAIN command to check out the results or have a certain amount of moisture, because some related domain is invalid domain. So, when we analyze competitors when we fall in love with the sea is the best in using the DOMAIN command, and then statistical correlation domain which is effective, which is invalid, how many effective related domain, the data statistics.

five, YAHOO trans

why write this article? Because saw Shanghai dragon program of a friend. I gave him a general outline, so write basically ok. Only this one aspect in the competition, Dongguan tide Shanghai Longfeng felt the need to correct, so write this article and share out, hope that the majority of the Shanghai dragon friends help. Then, the analysis of competitors need to include what

website prAlthough the

four, Shanghai love field


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