Analysis on a snapshot of the problem and Solutions

3, your server or virtual space? Remember when I started the site what figure a cheap, the suffering is their own, so everyone in the choice of server or virtual host must be selected, stable and fast is necessary to meet the.

not only to fall in love with the sea > cited above

cannot follow the snapshot update or snapshot has been the webmaster friends concern, because the snapshot involved too much, too important, most of the webmaster that snapshot determines the weight of the website, and the weight is related to the no ground for blame the website ranking and ranking is our ultimate goal the webmaster. Said so much, I want to emphasize is nothing more than a snapshot of the importance of.

5, the website being malicious modification. Mainly by horse or is hanging black chain. The horse is more terrible than hanging black chain, not only because it affects the user experience, but also let the search engine think your site is a malicious web site, light snapshot of the shift, while direct K station, one of the things I often check the web page code is also essential.

2, your robots file is correct? If you think this is also to shield the engine, update your snapshot that was strange. It is recommended that you refer to dedecms with robots files.

first, love Shanghai to review the new though more relaxed than before, in the high weight forum posts with links, Shanghai will be included with love, but love is Shanghai of the new assessment is more strict than before. The specific performance of the table is not updated snapshot love Shanghai. In fact, the new owners do not worry, continue to add articles, slowly progressive with the chain, such as past the study period love Shanghai will put your article out. But some owners have to ask, how long is the love in Shanghai? I think the love of Shanghai is not fixed, if the webmaster found love Shanghai not updated snapshot, my frustration, you do not want to continue to add articles and add the chain, then I can tell you, you will always stay in that time snapshot. Secondly, for the old station is not updated snapshot, the problem of the involved:

Whether Links

1, you are on the web page title description or make a change? If you change one, then I suggest you take both don’t update the article, do not suddenly update lot of article, as before, regular rhythmic increase, the chain is also a kind of.


4, your stable? It is worth noting that some owners do Links ask no matter, others send you links to you delete all don’t know, if the site is a professional standing didn’t what, but if a fall in love with the sea K, or by other engine the station so you K to this website do a one-way link, you are not looking for K? Is actually want to remind you that every thing is often check must be Links.

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