What about love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon


told him is adaptive website. Sometimes we just don’t want him to our web transcoding can also be set:


3, the adaptive setting of the station, because the general situation of Shanghai mobile website will love the default adapter, sometimes fit out the effect is very bad, but also love Shanghai implanted advertising, since their adaptive website has been very good in the performance of the mobile terminal. How do we set not let love Shanghai for our website adaptation? Love is actually very simple, Shanghai gives a solution. On your website, you can set the head,

today is mainly based on his blog –PHP programmer, ray cedar personal blog about Shanghai Shanghai dragon about love those things, may also have not the right place, I hope you can correct me, but also talk about their own blog operation experience in the course of.

1, the most basic TKD, TKD (title, keywords, description is the abbreviation of), do not frequent modification of these three in the line, we must determine the good website and then on-line. This is my personal blog after the line changes a lot, take a lot of mistakes, but I did not deviate from the many changes, the central idea is still relatively small, fluctuation. Because these three are in the search engine included, a key factor ranking. Frequent changes to the search engine is the feeling you do not know the website to send to him what the central idea, naturally do not know how to rank you. A little trick is to put your keywords to reasonable in title. I personally feel that love Shanghai weight of title is very high, but remember don’t stack.

4, automatic push sitemap, optimizing the content included. If your website is to use WordPress or discuz to do, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools > has

this code is that all the www.***.cn/archives/* to the www.***.cn/*, this site URL have become shorter, less level.

2, in the website operation process, because the URL is relatively long, so the back to re adjust the URL into short, but also hesitant, then decided to pain included, the less likely the impact is small. This can be used to love Shanghai webmaster tools, a website can help you in the content unchanged, URL changes. Set a 301 redirect first on your server, and then submit your revision of the rules, then wait for the love of Shanghai on your website after the revision of the current adjustment, as if you were the only love Shanghai website this function. The following is IIS 8.5 web.config 301 redirect configuration:

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