Two station, station of Shanghai Longfeng the pros and cons of the column do you know

1, what kind of situation we will use two level domain name to do the station? We usually do some themes and different circumstances will use two sites to do, if not much difference between the two stage of our site content and master it, we can be completed in a site down. The other is that some large portal site, because the site too much, usually require multiple sites to batch management, there is a stable site, also is conducive to the optimization of batch, such two site is of great advantage especially for those sites better master weight. Although at the beginning of starting may lower weight and other new programs, but from a long-term perspective, consider starting potential is far greater than those columns for the site. And even if a domain name is K, smaller than those involved, column stable rankings are very good, so this situation usually we choose two level domain name is better.

in the above the author also simple and introduce the two stations and column station is used in the specific form, the author explain:

Hello, haven’t had the experience to share with you, recently I have been learning about issues related to internal web site optimization, and today I look you here to share, hope to help you master. The author here to explain what is the two level domain name, the new site built using the two level domain name clearly, as long as the prefix in the domain name in front of the domain name is the two belong to the site. Generally the two level site and our master theme is similar, usually this is all some portal site. As for the column site, is similar to this 贵族宝贝qqyjx贵族宝贝/endian/ with the section to do the theme site, obviously we can see it is to make use of our master station column, also is in our main column, usually this is included in our non Changli station, more conducive to improve our website content. On the whole we master the weight is increased, so that the two site how good for Shanghai Longfeng optimization? The author specific to share with you.

2, in what circumstances do we use column station better? First we need to understand that what we do is stand column to column station usually do to our website to make up for the shortcomings, such as the conception of Xuan this station, the website is to use static pages. Update relatively more trouble, now want to change the site procedures, but even affect the site’s ranking, the weight, this time I would consider the column do stand in such a way that we have changed the program update after a lot of convenience, and good increase included website, weight nature also will be increased, it Yijuduode, we also can be in the website to achieve some of the more conducive to the user experience, such as web site message board, to For you >

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