Shenzhen create a trilogy Sina sounded the three set of horn

Shenzhen Chong Trilogy: Sina sounded the three set of horn

national self-improvement, national self-confidence, can not be separated from the strong economic strength; and a country, a society’s prosperity is inseparable from the powerful engine of innovation. Innovation and entrepreneurship under the interpretation of the customer is clearly showing the development and requirements of the times.

first song

in 2015 NPC and CPPCC, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report, to create a new engine for public entrepreneurship, innovation ", and the" Internet plus "plan of action for the first time. "Innovation, entrepreneurship, creating" the Internet plus finance is undoubtedly in in the teeth of the storm. In January 2015 4, Prime Minister Lee came to visit Shenzhen Qianhai micro focus bank and Shenzhen firewood record passenger space, he said, "this is a small micro public bank, but it is a big step in the financial reform!". About the development of Internet plus financial results and future development, Li Keqiang said, to break a path in the field of Internet banking, forced traditional financial reform to accelerate.

Prime Minister

in the eyes of the mutual gold guest


June 19th, the opening of the Shenzhen international hit week. Xu Qin said that the move is to create a new platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, an important measure to accelerate the agglomeration of innovation resources at home and abroad, to further improve the content and level of innovation and development of the city, to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation vitality of the public, is of great significance to speed up the completion of modernization and internationalization of the innovative city.

third Qu

Prime Minister Lee

thrust Internet plus financial holding today, in order to better promote the Internet plus financial innovation, entrepreneurship and creating a three Sina, sounded the assembly, "2015" The Belt and Road ‘opportunity pass Internet plus financial innovation, entrepreneurship, creating summit scheduled for June 27, 2015 held in the grand ballroom of The Ritz-carlton Shenzhen. The summit is sponsored by the Shenzhen Sina Financial channel, the new gold deep academic committee, the state information center, the national development and Reform Commission International Information Research, Shenzhen city finance office, Shenzhen City Council for the promotion of international trade, Shenzhen Banking Association guidance.

The healthy development of

Internet plus financial derivative, a batch of outstanding record passenger. During the summit, the organizers announced the first Internet plus a passenger list, Sina research and international information driven Internet plus positive energy, in addition, Sina deep gold network will vote for the prime minister in the eyes of Internet plus a passenger, Internet plus record passenger platform, Internet plus product candidates.

then, director Dr. Yu Guoqiang, director of the Qianhai Management Bureau Zhang Bei, deputy director of Shenzhen City Finance Office Xiao Zhijia, Shenzhen City Trade Promotion Commission Director Tao Yongxin on International Information Institute of NDRC, Shenzhen Banking Association President Fan Wenbo, Shenzhen Qianhai equity trading center chairman Hu Jizhi attended the summit, to explore the Internet financial background, innovation a passenger, the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship.

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