Keywords three forecast website home page long

5. ranking web traffic prediction

length: the shorter the word competition is more high, such as the Shanghai dragon

popular word (over 3 months)

: high profit competitiveness is relatively large, such as: L-carnitine, health care products

the first one, determine the nature and keywords ranking cycle

Optimization of

2. before the 20 home page number: high weight website in the rankings, before the number of page 20, the exclusion of love Shanghai products and home, there are a number of pages can be judged as common words or popular words, according to the path to see whether the home page or inside pages.

sliding door ten brand 贵族宝贝yooen贵族宝贝.cn original offer, please indicate the source.

analysis from the word characteristics:


4.ICO Icon: for example, love Shanghai search A5 station network, there is a small icon first appeared in front of the A5 site title, is the ICO icon, high weight website only, then the word is definitely a hot word.

Third, pay special attention to matters of

business: aluminum

4. operators do not understandThis paper consists of

can be divided into four categories: popular words (1 to 2 months)

2. frequently modify site title, keyword ranking will prolong the cycle;

general term (2-3 months)

3. old domain name do the new site, will extend the new website ranking cycle;

1.: a word search drop-down box, drop-down box full of words is not popular words, there may be a general may be hot words.

second strokes, how to determine the classification of

1. is not all words are like this? Of course not, the medical industry is an exception;

reference method:

super popular word (or even half a year or more)

3. competitors: ranked in the first competition, estimated traffic reached 3-4 competitiveness belongs to the general words and popular words above, 1-2 belongs to the general partial upset.

was the first to explain why to carry on the forecast to the keywords? Here we need to consider two points: website operation and operation of the company (how much investment is now how long can return), if you are the optimization division of a company, how should you and mister to say? If you want a more than 3 projects. Month website ranking on the home page, to guide the flow, the formation of transformation. 3 months is the need to invest, how much, to have a budget.

: for example, Naruto

, the ranking will prolong the period of

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