n order to improve the website weight as the center to do a comprehensive website optimization

website optimization Shanghai dragon is a skill as a webmaster must learn and master, it can make the new website improve the friendliness of search engines, the old site in a timely manner to amend and improve the details of a lack of optimization, make the site in the search engine and ranking is a better effect, let we can get more search traffic from search engine, improve the overall ranking of the website, the website to promote better and faster development, with more traffic let owners benefit from that website smoothly into profitability.

improve site weights for the first step, to create high quality sites outside the chain. When the new on-line site, search engine to quality assessment of website, on the two basis, one is the content of the site itself, the two is the chain website, and the content of the study takes a long time, the most direct and can reflect the influence of the website is the chain site. To do so to get a higher valuation weight from the search engine there as soon as possible new website, need to use the chain of high quality to drive. On the one hand, the use of high quality Links exchange or purchase to drive, the other is in the high weight forum announced regularly to promote the chain effectively. At the same time, a little attention is needed to maintain the stability of the high quality of the chain, avoid occurrence of frequent rapid increase or decrease, otherwise easily lead to search engine punishment.

improve the site weight of the second step, to maintain high quality content update. In a certain period of time after the line on the website in search engine are often used to examine the study site, outside the chain of this period in the search engine will inspect the site of the quality and quantity, on the other hand is to examine the website updated in terms of quality and law in the content, the content of high quality can be let the search engine get more fresh and original provides the effective information to Internet users, and regularly update to.

so, to do a good job in the website optimization, webmaster can improve the site weight around, to increase the weight of the site as the center, so as to optimize the website of Shanghai dragon set, and then improve the optimization results of the website. In order to improve the website weight as the center, not only on increasing weight and optimization, is in the process to fully take into account all the details of website optimization. By increasing the weight, achieve the optimization effect to ".

to do website optimization we need to understand and master the search engine is based on what the rules of the site assessment, according to the algorithm rules for targeted optimization, make the site all settings are closer to its rules, so as to obtain higher evaluation results, improve the site’s weight, rankings and included. In these optimization results, a comprehensive score weight as a search engine for web site is given, with the most important, because it is the web site in the search engine evaluation system in place, and then on the basis of the weight in the keyword search results given in the relevant content to website rankings, but also directly affect the content of the website included the number how much.

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