Liu Dan from the Soso revision said how to do the optimization for Soso


2, one or two factors can make soaring rankings, but there is a certain risk.

single version of the home page search, seemed interested in imitation Bing style, completely different from the love of Shanghai Google and Sogou style. The new version of soso and Bing are based on a picture as a background, and the front page contains more information. Make a habit of love Shanghai, the concise style of Chinese people, feel suddenly difficult to adapt. In addition to the soso home page search box and the navigation bar normal, add some popular elements to a movie online booking on the home page, perhaps the future will place similar recommendation for more information. Of course, it is in order to guide the topic today, that if soso is force, we focus on the optimization of the soso, which need to pay attention to

ranking mechanism of soso is similar with Google, but Google is simple.


in my side, some do flow station of friends, they are mainly for the search engine is soso, and the flow of the amazing, at first I didn’t believe that soso has such power, of course, to see more and more friends on soso can live very moist when I realized that I can no longer ignore soso the value of the webmaster. Here generally talk about their experience, as well as those for soso to the optimization of the friends of the valuable experience.

The main ranking mechanism and Google’s

since soso pay plans to attract users, search on the full range of water gradually, to occupy more market share in the fierce competition in the search field. Recently, search the home quietly face, let people have a strong interest in the future of search attention. Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are also found, from the flow more and more soso into the soso, seems to indicate that the user is indeed increased. So it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of soso, carry on the optimization.

ranking good site in soso, you may find that many sites look very bad, very general. But it is so in the front row, anyway, you can only say that it is a miracle, it just happened. Eventually you’ll find that it may be only one factor to do good, such as the content of the chain structure in Sike, Sike, Sike chain, etc., in one aspect to do particularly well, then the ranking will go up. This point so far are still available, maybe more > SOSO

soso is very close, but this may be simple than Google, and before the soso has been working with Google has the relations, still can not get rid of the shadow of Google. So the algorithm is very serious imitation of Google. But don’t ride it is neither fish nor fowl. With the increase of soso cost, rapid introduction of technical personnel, will be more scientific and reasonable mechanism in search rankings may. So we in the optimization of the time, generally just follow the way you can with Google.

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