The construction of the chain chain through a small coup to attract traffic

of the second point: the end of the world, Post Bar activity is high, the webmaster can get through the chain or post reply way. In operation, we must pay special attention to the website and post correlation. Even if you cheated a part of the flow, the bounce rate is quite high, little significance.

so the webmaster in search of the chain platform, should pay attention to the following: 1. The correlation between the activity of the keywords ranking

but only by the three points, it can be said that they are outside the chain of high quality of the site? The answer is no! The reason is that the construction site outside the chain is not only to attract spiders crawl the site information, its ultimate aim is to attract users. The user can through the web site on the platform, into your website, browse the web information website for mining potential customer groups, make a web site to achieve revenue.

?The higher the degree of active

the two points above, I believe we are very familiar with, so the third point – " platform; keywords ranking " what is the meaning of

?The platform

search engine ranking stable, relatively more people browse.

The operating range of The purpose of this

platform, you post more easily " " sank;. If you go in the post, it will waste a lot of time and energy, forming a cycle of death. So, the best way to or from the user’s point of view, it is love Shanghai search engine.


post time range. It is the new post, can also be a few years ago the old post. Ask yourself, can do

point: for example, you release a message in the Sina blog, with associated content, but because of insufficient number of fans, even active degree is 0, so that the chain may bring flow is 0.

has several advantages:

, which is not just limited to a >

high weight website, often the inside pages are very good (why not elaborate). Each site has a lot of relevant keywords, then you can use these keywords to search for love in Shanghai, the search engine can use the platform, such as watercress, Youku, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know Post Bar etc.. Keywords good ranking pages are collected, and then one by one to registered users, by way of reply, publish the web site and information relevant to the post. Later, whether it is the platform internal search user or search engine users, you can see the URL by post.

platform page in the search engine rankings are relatively stable.

what is the high quality of the chain? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is so explained: high weight site; the outbound links less; the included fast. There are many ways to get the high quality of the chain, including the common methods: blog, forum, inquiry platform, classification of information, B2B platform and so on.

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