Said Eric and masamaso that vertical B2C Tao and Zhong Yuan

back to the vertical, many vertical electricity providers have a dream, that is the scale of the development, think the bigger is certainly can do better, some want to do second Jingdong, from a category to blossom everywhere, and then do the market and scale up, unfortunately, hard to appear second a Jingdong store. However, when I saw the Jingdong store, don’t see other ideas? The original Jingdong is not focus on their own industry, do the market front, digital products, this is much of a market that, with genuine licensed + logistics, attracted many people’s eyes. Then under the main brand trend, integrated electricity supplier, and then step by step to develop their own territory, when we talk about the Jingdong, may think he is digital, as everyone knows, this is already in the past, now is a digital and other categories. Comprehensive, comprehensive, hold, can open up other territories.

and initial moment, a comprehensive platform, is a main trend to slow life website, when we bought the first moment, it seems difficult to continue vertical electricity supplier, 2012, 2013, the vertical electricity supplier is still constantly exploring their own way, what to make vertical B2C so sad a road, walk continuously, in the end what will happen? And listen to the talk about these things

pictures from the network ?

so, summarize the above sentence, vertical, go15, as a field of elaborate is the biggest challenge to a web site, when Taobao double 12 advocate when we do small beauty shop, I think a lot of people feel right, secret agents, for many years before they know. But did not affect many people, when the Internet now is growing, when giants continue to tap their own advantages, have a variety of platforms, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, these giant powerful traffic advantages took a group of a group of users, you can also have what reason not to take the research in their own field.

Where the customer

take vip贵族宝贝 as an example, the original position is a luxury online shopping, at the same time already serves network, Fifth Avenue, the LuxeHome network etc.. The reason why vip贵族宝贝 can still result from talent shows itself in the vertical field of intensive and meticulous farming, from the luxury online shopping transformation in the low-end brand purchase flash mode, deep vertical >

vertical B2C, the vertical, when most of the time, we were asked to make the industry’s top three, we continue to tap their own potential, but eventually lost their direction, what makes your eyes can not see the way? Money, scale, and the scale of financing finally, expanding the scale, the network group purchase is to use such a model, let the spring breeze everywhere, but so far, how many network group purchase through such a trend? A lot of network group purchase were closed, if not so ambitious, but in stages, perhaps, now the group purchase and is a different story.

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