Slimming, optimization Share some experiences in the process of establishment


, as the title, reduce the use of tag cloud. Some friends from the user experience point of view, using the tag cloud. In this regard, I think we can moderate, but not blindly. Tag cloud form can access the depth of the inside pages, the Shanghai dragon is friendly, but the tag cloud will also cause site repeat degree rise, because of my personal observation, many novice friends just one plus is ten, more than 20 labels, the site itself is not appropriate. Besides, from the actual operation, tag cloud effect is not as obvious style navigation, so when I did the mobile recharge card site, delete the tag cloud.

second, from cost considerations, many friends will choose ECS, will also choose supporting storage capacity to solve the corresponding demand. But supporting the cloud disk basically cannot solve the problem of high strength access within a short time and so on, therefore.


third, reduce the use of the recommended list. With the above website ideas, a lot of friends in order to enhance the user experience, will make some popular articles click on the list of such module. This will indeed increase the content of the site as a whole sense of hierarchy, but from the optimization point of view, it will increase the content of repeatability, because some articles is popular and is also the highest click rate, will lead to repeat the same article more than URL, so the The loss outweighs the gain. Therefore I maintain the judgment, only do 1-2, or directly.

, if the moment a lot of people would still choose in ECS self Mysql database, which is mainly in the economic considerations, but many people did not take into account the concurrency problem, although relatively affordable, but once the downtime, for many basic station is not very strong friends more difficult, so recommend the use of RDS database, RDS database when problems arise due to the protection of its multi-level security architecture can achieve service second level switch; the switching process is transparent to applications, can save a lot of energy.

, with the help of WLW reduce the document occupied as much as possible data capacity. WP supports edit documents online and automatically saved, but save the data after the mice did not know how to delete, drop accumulate for a long time will cause the overall performance of the site, it is recommended that you use Microsoft WLW, online self love Shanghai, with the help of WLW not only can continue to realize the automatic document preservation, more important is high. Of course, WLW also supports a key post, still used.

believes that the establishment of you in a long time after the operation will find that the whole site optimization is very thin and key. Not only can improve the site’s performance, the most important thing is also to reduce capital expenditure. But what to do? After all, there are no mature textbooks so I’ll share too observant of conventional standards., some of their own experiences, shortcomings, I hope everyone criticism.

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