The webmaster do data analysis points to note

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do the webmaster must we all know the importance of data analysis, but would like to ask you, do you know we should pay particular attention to the analysis of the data points? I will play a big knife before Guangong, try on a, can we hope to bring help.

as long as it is a webmaster, every day will do is to look at the traffic statistics, see what keywords to flow, but most of the webmaster have seen the two will turn off ", the real data of a careful analysis of the very few people, traffic statistics function more and more now, provide a large amount of data for us, but unfortunately, take him seriously too few people, take the love of Shanghai, before the bounce rate love Shanghai statistics many people write articles mentioned, I personally feel that love Shanghai statistics of the most practical place is the user through what page to enter our website, after which pages, from which the last to leave the page, with the most clear form in front of us, we optimize the data for the page, enhance the user experience is very good.

of course, there are a lot of data need to be analyzed, sex in Shanghai jing>

flow station advertising data statistics is also very important, but different methods, take AdSense for example, as far as I know, the vast majority of people are for the sake of convenience, a website with a channel to build advertising, they will analyze each website data, but this is not to do what method. Click on the best position, what type of advertising click up, so we can build a better channel of an advertisement, and then analyze the data.

Shanghai Longfeng what data can be analyzed? Included the number, number, number of backlinks related domain and so on, in quantity, it also Links single chain link number, the number of domain names and other data, if the long-term analysis of these data, and made into the form will be summed up a lot of Shanghai Longfeng experience; and log data analysis every day, the spider will crawl many pages, which pages are crawled, really want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, these are necessary to analyze the.


the first to talk about Taobao guest single page station, Taobao Station Guest single page generally take a program, then the home hanging above an advertising page template, now generally do rankings more, after the site traffic, have to click on ads, click on which these data, most of the webmaster do not go, some people are too lazy to analysis, some people do not know how to go to these statistical data, I simply say, we can make the advertising links to a web page, then this page and then jump to Taobao, put the traffic statistics in the jump page, so we you can click on the statistics which product is the most people, we can make appropriate adjustments to the product according to the click situation.

three, Shanghai dragon data analysis

data traffic statistics

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