When should we avoid the Shanghai dragon spider trap

said the spider trap has a lot of people are feeling: This spider is the black hat, in fact, this is wrong, the real spider trap is divided into two kinds, one is the malicious spider trap, we usually say that the black hat, malicious spider trap is the concept of artificial estimation using search engine vulnerabilities or vandalism search engine optimization rules of the spider trap, which is called malicious spider trap, while another spider trap is non malicious spider trap, the trap characteristics of non malicious spider is not careful not to deliberate its Web site in the search engine does not support the things in the optimization of the time, which is called non malicious spider trap. Because the non malicious spider trap just can’t successfully grab information, so it can not destroy the search engine crawling rules, so as not to non malicious spider trap. The spider trap punishment so strict, but the emergence of a large number of non malicious spider trap can also cause website ranking does not rise, I believe that there are a lot of friends want to ask, so what is the spider spider trap? How can we avoid the trap, so now I give you some of the more popular spider trap later, we try to avoid:

3, dynamic url


URL you have found forever – but the static URL address, some friends may not understand why, it is actually very simple, URL address dynamic are calling out the database information, and then automatically generated pages, if a person.

there are many websites that jump, spiders climbed up on our website, they are the first to see the home page in the station, then from the home page to jump into other pages, if in accordance with the rules we can imagine, when the spider came to our site, the home page to jump directly to another page, this time the spider will feel the web page no information, so the site is probably not a safe site, or no value information website, finally may directly jump out, finally leading to the website can succeed in ranking.

1, flash

some friends will ask, why flash is a spider trap, in fact, this problem is very simple, we have not found the flash on our website, it is to generate a string of gibberish, and this string is garbled search engines can not identify, so when spiders crawl to it pile of garbage, the spider will feel unsafe websites, not even feel the station news value information, so directly out of site, so the optimization do not included bad websites and flash is basically a certain relationship, I suggest try not to use flash, we can use the GIF format picture instead of dynamic flash look at the pictures to the customer, if we must use flash to complete the effect, so we can use, but not too much, a spider web site. No value information.


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