A small note forum signature links

learning for a long time, it is successful to my website optimization (keywords to the home page, you can now also search the site or in the home page), but in the process of optimization, found in a forum on the chain should pay attention to this problem, I am also here to remind we need to pay attention to.

Shanghai dragon

such as the A5 forum you can send, because the signature does not need to buy, there is no time limit, so don’t worry about (of course would not rule out future revision). Address: www.bn188贵族宝贝

so, this forum is not done the chain? No, because this forum outside the chain of authority can also be included, but it is not easy to be removed, so that the forum can send some problems, no matter you the problem is you know the answer, you can ask a, write in the text when asked, don’t just write a sentence. Take your website address in question, or write some simple articles, due to the different in the website forums in the hair of the article, there is no audit process, so you can just write some. As long as the reactionary line.

note: if this forum signature need through the gold to buy, and there is a time limit (such as China station), then, this forum is best not to buy his signature links, unless you can is sure to have been enough gold coins to buy the signature. Because if you did not buy gold coins, your signature is not displayed, then the previous signature link will slowly in love when I refresh Shanghai disappear before China station is like this, I have more than 1000 gold coins, each of the 300 gold coins to buy a month, I would probably buy good a few months, in the above signature effect can still, then my gold light, no way to buy a signature, all post signatures are not, and strive to do before the link will be at the back of the page refresh and disappeared, I finally see the station owners forum link, only a few. So one or two months behind in other places do link didn’t work, because other places do some outside the chain, and this will be deleted some. Finally the chain number not increase. So here we must pay attention to.

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