Happy Chain – a great harvest Why not

3: I have to say I have a lot of links of the forum, forum account, feel the most relaxed non forum is the signature, with a web site, after reading and posting replies, and then sometimes they might also add a cream essence paste effect that is quite good, personally think that the forum replies, post we must seriously, see "to" see "zhidingtie" back, back, see the "sofa" (HA HA) to grab the other! "

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speaking of the chain everyone must love and hate it, why do you say that? Love his site top ranking chain, so he continued to add the chain, then continue to lose, a lot of work. If a site every day for the chain, then sooner or later die! If you do good enough, can form a reputation effect, someone to help you with the connection that also does not matter, but mostly is the enterprise stand in, basically do the products outside the Shanghai dragon the chain almost became Shanghai dragon er’s work for an endless daily work of a large proportion of! Do sixteen months of Shanghai dragon Er has been studying how to quickly included the chain, what kind of link is the most effective? At the same time in different period of search engine is also in constant change take BD this time last year to adjust the BD chain algorithm, BD related domain is what we see now! In fact, when Google is doing, have to say BD has been more "international search giant." I remember! At that time, before the BD chain adjustment chain that is quite difficult! Included is difficult, and the related domain after it is good to do more


1: first of all is the chain industry correlation, basically do is to find the weight of the high industry portal, they have self-help business shops, you can add their own products, of course, the more high weight website more audit is very strict, we might find that three to five of this industry portal. As a blog, add products to specification and then take the link as a web site to regular daily maintenance, this link is very awesome, I like the water treatment equipment website (www.byshuichuli贵族宝贝) are basically doing industry portal links! If the content for the good, and might even have ranking oh Why not?!

said the chain had to carry a chain is YAHOO, YAHOO chain I quite seriously, it can be said that in the process of Shanghai dragon I almost do is separate from BD, with YAHOO related domain anchor text links the two aspects are separated to do! Then said Shanghai related domain and love YAHOO is the chain I how do


2 is a major focus of the release of the soft, you can see we are very grateful to A5 provides such a platform for me, in fact most of the time we are talking about the A5 article is in order to do outside the chain and do what I want to say, this is very normal, everyone in life, each one takes what he needs the content is still very serious to write, but people need to choose to see to know everyone’s ideas, and also to the work done, Why not?

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