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site because of the chain and the right to drop

web site as a result of certain factors to be revised, many inexperienced webmaster is regardless of the consequence of a sudden change, the first few days of the engine should be no reaction, when the engine after the next update will appear snapshot stalled, key words or some keyword ranking dropped, this time it may be right to be reduced.


site is down right, so in order to be able to quickly return to the previous weight, fast and accurate analysis of the reasons is the prerequisite. According to the factors of several common down right now we do a detailed answer, I hope to be able to help you webmaster friends.


can be seen from the figure, the chain of this site tends to be stable in the number of 10 days, if the chain when a site in a few days or a month are increasing or decreasing this is not normal, it may be because this factor makes the engine judgment you are in a large number of import chain, in the eyes of this engine is a kind of cheating, right down there is no doubt that sooner or later.


site is down right on the countless Adsense headache and helpless, can be described as "hard for decades, look back to the liberation." This taste really is not our personal webmaster can afford. But on the other hand, the saying goes, "one upmanship." While the engine is called, we webmaster when the so-called magic. Because of such things can be solved completely. The key is to see if we have a "heart".

There are many factors

site really need revision, the author suggests that the webmaster to gradually change, the change is slowly one-time change a section, such as web site keywords, change after you no longer need to move. After a period of time and then change the next section. Furthermore, after the revision of the website to submit a site map for time >




site because of factors outside of the chain and is right to be reduced is also very good judgment, use webmaster tools can do. We have to do is look for nearly a month or the chain in recent months to increase or reduce the tendency to judge. So the chain growth trend of normal maps can be used to explain the.

website for revision and the right


stop you to eat a big fat man’s idea, step by step is a must. To return to our original plans, the increase in the number of increase in number, although not immediately solve the problem right down, but as long as you can stick to one or two months that you can see the results you want. Everything has two sides, when your site search engine has withstood the test, the weight is likely to be even better than the original, many owners have similar experiences.

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