Discussion on how to improve the user experience of the site that something

content has the readability of

      content of the website,

title in website optimization is very important, when users see the title will know your site is doing what. If written out of order, you don’t even know what is this website, not to say what the user experience. Of course, you want the user to see the title that this is what to do when writing the title of the website, must pay attention to the following, must hit the theme of the site, the title is not too long, simple and prominent theme, so that customers at a glance that the website is doing what. We take the Nanning Shanghai dragon team, our title is: " Nanning Shanghai dragon team – professional promotion website optimization ranking, Shanghai Dragon technology advisory services, expert " in the user at a glance that is Nanning site optimization ranking, which is simple and shy.

a website, to have traffic will have the user experience, we must consider the user experience of the site built before, a website user experience determines the bounce rate, PV number, if the jump rate is too high, the user experience of poor natural, low bounce rate user experience is good, the only way will get the favour of search engine. Of course, our aim is to serve customers, and not just as simple as flow, if it is to do Shanghai Longfeng flow, do not pay attention to the user experience, finally will only make your site into No one shows any interest in the website. The search engine is that the user experience is good for you to show very good position, this is Shanghai dragon Er everyone knows. Give everybody to introduce in the construction site how to do the website user experience following Nanning Shanghai dragon team.

is a website advertising too much, will cause the user on the site of boredom, imagine when you open a website advertising what would you do if I would resolutely turned off, this is our common response to browse the site. So the website advertising should not overdo sth., don’t put too much advertising, like what promotion alliance ah, also some advertising ah, don’t put these. We do website optimization to the flow and do, if the flow rate jumped out too much, go back to cause the attention of the search engine, search engine will give the site drop right or directly K off, it will be too late to regret.

station advertising is not too much

and the content of the title match; >

I’ve seen a lot of website articles are not read, can not read, because this is not the statement content; some stations in order to quickly increase the content to write, this is for the search engine spiders see, we simply cannot read, this is typical of the false original article, so greatly affect the user experience of the website. Nanning Shanghai dragon team is not recommended to do so because this is cheating, will be punished by a search engine.



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