Analysis of the pros and cons of Links exchange

Links benefits?

Links is a kind of form, in the construction site daily is essential, usually in the buddy online website construction site of the site, so there will be a column, and is free, Links despite the visitors when browsing the little attention, but the quality of the website search engine to determine a greater impact. The buddy will talk about the matters needing attention Links exchange.

1, Links benefits rather than directly to the site visits much, it will affect the quality of site search engine to judge, a lot of peer exchange web site, can improve the site in the search engine’s weight, you know so far, about 80% traffic most of the site are from in the search engine, and buddy online network marketing 100% traffic from search engines.


chain called Links, specific form, is the site between the complementary resources of a simple form of cooperation, the exchange of a chain into the link anchor text and link exchange pictures, click on the link, will pop up a new page or switch directly to exchange links on the site, visitors can enter into exchange links website through cooperation website, mutual promotion effect is achieved between the website, so Links exchange is one of the most basic way of network promotion. Links is the most important form must be able to find the link and exchange website name in the web page code, and can browse the site to exchange name when you visit the site, if it is replaced by other ways, such as the same color links, hidden links, which belong to the black chain method, is not desirable, small partners in the past several articles about the link seems to have also said the problem of cheating, you can turn back to see.

2, Links can also enhance the user experience, since the exchange Links as much as possible is the exchange between peers, so it is helpful for visitors to the next peer website through the current web site, it is convenient for the visitors to visit more of the information industry, it is also a search engine for a pleasing performance will increase the "right of the website in the search engine

buddy online website homepage was updated to love Shanghai don’t know where to go, site is not the first, type the URL to can search results, domian is in the first place, such as a webmaster I completely meizhe. Check your own web site, only the reason on this last one. Links buddy, the Links rarely take the initiative to remove, even if is a snapshot of the chain of friends every year without having to delete, but now is not the same. That love behind the Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, meaningless recommendation or transaction patterns recommended links will cause greater damage to the station, buddy finally made a difficult decision, only a knife in the chain. Now take a chain operation, to share with you today, buddy said, is Links topic.

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