Do the bidding promotion is successful key creative


so I asked the bidding friends, why write creative friend? The answer is very simple: to attract customers. Do the bidding is different from the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon if the optimization rule does not accord with no title, but also because of the conversion; bidding advantage, so in the title can be arbitrary, but this photo to attract customers to consult? Of course users will consult, but at least not creative to seize the user’s heart, and even some friends know how to write creative, direct reference to do naked advertising, like "so they write, I write it."



I think, do the bidding promotion is successful, the key to creativity, may wish to look at the decoration industry many decoration company is how to write creative, see below:

so, how to write a bid to promote the creative and decoration >?

a few days ago received a call from a friend’s phone decoration company to work, in addition to being outside, more is how to better do the bidding promotion on the Internet, the friend in charge of the decoration company search engine for promotion, but the effect is not good, the auction money got out of the money, but no shadow. I believe it is a problem in most enterprises do the bidding, bidding into money, not to vote without consulting, wandering between do and not to do, want to do promotion on the Internet today, many people are aiming for promotion, quick, promotion effect is good, but so many do the bidding, smooth do the bidding and some

why most bids are not good, I think the big reason stems from the creative writing, to do the bidding in the company’s specialist, many big advantages to Shanghai dragon, but also want to do too much, Shanghai dragon put the rankings do go up, at least the boss, but the boss do the bidding for the money, to is more money, rather than that as easy as blowing off dust and ranking, so here advise the Shanghai dragon friend, don’t think to do the bidding, Shanghai Longfeng re ranking, bidding weight conversion, work and ideas are not the same. Is the friends, only to find the original auction so hard, then look at what they do the bidding website, that the only problem is the creative writing.

from the figure we can see, in the decoration industry, the top three are basically self hi creative activities we do! We preferred, stand a few million! Such ideas can be used in any industry, but also applies to the cooperation intention of users, Internet users do not see to have intention the cooperation of users, for users, as already immune, unable to grasp the pain points and needs of the user, what is the Internet to understand the decoration decoration? Market knowledge, to see the effect of map, find a suitable own budget decoration company, when you see here since hi ideas will have little to boast tend to feeling? A user routine psychological play.

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