Chrome advertising for violation of provisions from the penalty search ranking by 60 day

recently appeared on the Internet a lot about the promotion of Chrome browser, micro-blog paid blog, Google will have to make the Chrome website search ranking down at least 60 days.

some paid blog posts are mainly directed to cut and paste text or browser download page links. Of course, if other companies do the same, as Google search engine index down 1 years to 1 months, but the Google did not choose the Chrome sites blocked.

Beijing on January 4th news, the news from foreign media, the Google Chrome browser because they violated their own penalty provisions and search advertising.

in fact, this is the third time Google blocked its own acquisition of the company’s website. Last year, BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 for violating the provisions by the parent company Google search blocked, Google Japan website has also been paid post event and suffered punishment.

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