Don’t ignore the space problem of website optimization

1 and space. No matter what space, especially the free space access speed is too slow to open the page very card, there cannot be accessed every two or three days and so on, this free space can be given up to. As for Mr. spiders, free space is too slow a people to visit your home, knock on the door was open for a long time, and always open is directly lead to serious consequences not just for Mr. spider. So, in the choice of server (either paid or free) problem, remember 2 things: speed and stability.

4, IP

spider is love free space or foreign free space? In the choice of free space, people love home free space, but some people love foreign free space, in space, in addition.

2, free space. "If not set free space, it may lead to the site’s Web site can be correctly spider crawl the page. For example, a domestic brand of free space in the setting of a little problem, whenever we use the "Shanghai Phoenix comprehensive query query tool when the test is not right to grab page keywords and description tags, ask spider crawling the web always first find the title, keywords, description, tags, once these are not crawl, so the spider would not be interested in your web content; and if not set free space, resulting in the following sites are banned from the search engines crawl, users can access the normal, you should pay attention to, know a little Shanghai dragon knows, prohibit crawling, web site not included, ranking is also obviously It is sheer fiction. For example, 404 common page, if not handled properly, when users see the 404 page back to the server, the HTTP status code is 200, then a search engine to crawl the page to repeat repeatedly, causing the site to find bad malignant. So buy (use) space time must pay attention to these details, it is best to buy in the test.

The speed and stability of


The problem set

, a 3 free space N multiple sites. As everyone knows, the free space is certainly an IP address exists N multiple sites, so a site is a spider refused, it may lead to all sites have been refused spider. Because the spider can record IP address, IP address has been reported for some problems, the spider will consider avoiding or not in the process of crawling.


when we put an eye on the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, the chain, update the contents, is also considered the site where the space itself has some problems? This paper pay for space is discussed, mainly for the new website with free space for a discussion.

domestic and foreign free space can be said to be innumerable, but is not the search engine will love? The answer is negative, the following problems of space, will be search engine like, pull the Black:

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